What paintings can not be hung in an apartment or house?

There is an opinion that not every work of art is allowed to be hung in the house. In addition, a picture for one room may be completely inappropriate for another. This well-established opinion is caused by both superstitions and quite natural reasons. The task of the picture, like any decorative element, is to bring warmth and comfort to the house, to place accents, to harmonize and complement the interior. However, it is important that the owners themselves like art painting. To do this, you need to choose the right picture that would carry positive energy and characterize the residents.

5 reasons to use paintings in the interior of the apartment

A work of art can perform several functions besides being decorative:

  1. Give the opportunity to model space.
  2. To form an emotional background and positive energy.
  3. Give the room personality and emphasize its style due to the fact that the picture is an element of the design solution.
  4. Bring an element of luxury and taste into the interior of the room, as confirmation of your status and wealth.
  5. Hide imperfections in walls, wallpaper joints, wiring or electrical panels.

To take full advantage of the listed features of the picture, you need to choose the right one for different rooms, based on their functions, colors and style.

What pictures carry negative energy?

Of course, no one will hang a terrible picture in the house, for example, one that describes tragic historical events. Such painting belongs in a museum or an art gallery, not in a cozy and comfortable home. However, there are a few non-obvious images that should also not be hung where you live. These include:

  • paintings with withered flowers or dried flowers, withered trees that carry negative energy;
  • images of stagnant water, which applies not only to the swamp, but also to the pond;
  • pictures of hunting wild animals will provoke aggression;
  • unfamiliar symbols and hieroglyphs may carry a completely inappropriate meaning for your home;
  • the image of the ruins of historical buildings can cause negative emotions;
  • pictures with people who show negative emotions or personify various vices, are in poverty, can adversely affect the life of a person living in such a house;
  • photographs or pictures of deceased relatives cannot be hung everywhere, for example, in bedrooms;
  • images of a lonely or standing object should not be hung, especially if you want to meet love and start a family;
  • paintings with natural disasters in the form of a stormy sea, a storm or an avalanche can bring anxiety to life;
  • pictures of the autumn season can contribute to quarrels and partings;
  • picture with broken dishes – does not need comments.

In addition, do not hang pictures in the house that you simply do not like. Whether it is a work of a famous artist, beautifully designed, refined and expensive, but if it does not evoke positive emotions in you and does not say anything to you, discard it. The picture should inspire and make you smile.

What paintings are suitable for home?

If you still decide to decorate the walls of your home with artwork, you need to do it right.

Paintings with blooming and fragrant bouquets or wild flowers are suitable for decorating a bedroom, hallway or hall.

The energy of strength and wealth will be brought by pictures with living water. Especially successful are the images of a waterfall, mountain rivers and streams. However, they do not need to be hung above the bed, where you want to get peace and rest. For rough waters, choose a seat in your office or living room.

Pictures with calm and peaceful animals or birds perfectly complement the interior of a bedroom or hall. And for the children’s room, you can choose images, for example, of a lioness and her cubs. It is also permissible to use cartoon or pop art images of animals.

In the hallway, living room, corridor or near the home library, you can hang pictures with symbols that represent wealth, fertility, love, abundance. That is, what you want to bring into your own life. Chinese characters, Celtic signs, Slavic runes, etc. can act as symbols.

Pictures of dead relatives from other eras and in unusual clothes (if any) can also be used as an interior element. This is especially true in noble houses. However, the picture should be placed in non-residential rooms, and, for example, in the living room, study, hallway, but definitely not in the bedroom, nursery or kitchen. In addition, images of long-dead relatives can be used as an exception, while a picture with the recently deceased is better not to post for some time.

What about Feng Shui? How to hang pictures according to Eastern teachings?

If you decorate a room according to Feng Shui, you can increase the influx of positive energy. According to the teachings, all residential premises are divided into energy zones similar to the cardinal points: north, south, west, east.

The east side of the room belongs to the family area. Pictures with wildlife are suitable for her: flowers, trees, the sea world. You can also hang family portraits here.

On the west there is a zone for children and creativity. For this part of the room, paintings depicting spacious lands, landscapes in brown, gray, yellow and white are suitable.

The southwestern side is the zone of marriage and love. For this side, images of a couple are suitable. It is not necessary that people be present in the picture. It can be a couple of animals, fish, birds, insects. So in this zone, the energies of yin and yang will be in harmony.

The north is the career zone, so pictures of turtles, sailboats, waterfalls and fountains will have a positive effect on attracting good luck and professional achievements.

The travel area is on the northwest side of the room. Here it is best to hang pictures with horseshoe dolphins, lotuses.

In the Northeast is the zone responsible for knowledge and wisdom. Maps of the world, canvases with dragons, snakes, or with the image of books and libraries will help to increase success in this area.

However, in any of these zones, you definitely need to avoid paintings painted in bright, acid colors, with scenes of catastrophes, tragedies, too dynamic, psychedelic. Art works in gloomy colors also carry negative energy.

When choosing a painting, you should be guided by your intuition and preferences, first of all. But the above recommendations will help you choose the right and beautiful work for your home.