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I draw pictures to order of the most different directions: landscapes and nature, mountains, sea, flowers or still lifes. At the same time, peonies have become the most favorite topic of my clients, as they bring love and prosperity to the house. 

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Professional oil painting on canvas in modern style. 

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My paintings adorn the interiors of houses and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world. 

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My clients came to me on the recommendation of clients and acquaintances. 

Kia.Gallery Ukraine — author's gallery of paintings by artist Irina Kvasha

Я вільна. Украина. Картина маслом. Холст
Do you want to order an oil painting on canvas in a patriotic style or cities and sights of Ukraine...
Яхт Клуб. Полотно 40х60 см. Олія. Мастихін / Yacht Club. Canvas 40x60 cm. Oil. Palette knife
Do you want to order seascapes, sea and sea coast oil paintings on canvas in a modern style...
Would you like to order an urban landscape, modern or ancient city in oil on handmade canvas...
цветы маслом мастихином
Would you like to order an oil painting on canvas for yourself or as a gift depicting flowers or floral motifs...
Попугаи Ара. Картина маслом. Холст
Nature and landscapes of nature is one of the trends of modern painting. Such a picture will decorate and enliven any interior...
Горы. Картина маслом. Холст
For those who love greatness and power, a painting depicting mountains and mountain ranges in oil on canvas in any technique...

Modern oil paintings on canvas

Do you want your home or office interior to be decorated with canvases with unique themes? Or are you interested in custom-made paintings based on photos of famous works as a present? 

A handmade oil painting will be a wonderful addition to the cozy atmosphere in your home, apartment or workspace, as well as a great gift for a man or woman. 


Art Blog of the Artist

Blog & Creativity

Which oil painting is considered a copy? A work that is a repetition in a similar style, manner, and preferably in the same dimensions as the original. 

Blog & Interior

To fix the canvas with the painting on a stretcher and hang it on the wall – this option for decorating the picture is quite suitable for fans of a minimalist style in the interior. But often paintings need a frame, which is a kind of «clothes» for them. 

Blog & Interior

When the cherished painting on canvas to order is in your hands, an urgent question arises: where to hang the canvas so that it pleases the eye? Let’s look at the options. 

Benefits of ordering copyright paintings

Paintings made to order according to individual sizes

You can choose any size of the painting, from the smallest, for example 20x20 cm, to the largest, about 2 meters. The only thing you should understand is that the larger the canvas, the more expensive the cost.

Painting from the original sketch

You can order a painting from a personal photo, from an image from the Internet, it can be a collage of different subjects, or you can just share your idea with me and I will implement it.

Oil paintings in different styles and genres of painting

I work in any genre of modern painting: everyday life, landscape, still life, animalistic, etc. In styles I prefer romanticism, realism, impressionism.

Paintings for interior decoration

A picture may be liked, but not match the style of the interior, and vice versa, it may fit elegantly into the interior, but the owner does not like it. I help to solve this issue with two pluses - I like the picture and fit into the interior.


Yes, I paint oil paintings on canvas from your photo. If you value artistic taste, craftsmanship, quality and punctuality? Send me an image via the feedback form, according to which a custom-made canvas painting should be painted. These can be either oil paintings by famous artists, or just photos you like from the Internet. I will complete the order in accordance with your wishes and within the agreed time. If you do not have time to wait for the creation of a future painting (from a week or longer, depending on the complexity), you can immediately buy an oil painting from among the finished works. It is enough to choose the desired option from those posted on the site, check the availability of the picture by phone. 

The term of execution depends on the complexity of the sketch and the size of the canvas. For simple small paintings, 5 to 10 days. For complex large terms can reach up to a month. 

I will ask you to indicate the reasons why you do not like the picture. If it is possible to finalize it, then I will finalize it and you will take the picture with pleasure. 

If this is not possible, then I will fully refund your money.

The choice of materials depends on the picture and its concept. These are mainly French oil paints, Italian texture paste, patal, etc. 

I send finished paintings to anywhere in Ukraine and the world. The painting will be securely packaged before shipping, so damage is minimized. Full insurance coverage available. 

My paintings to order, the price of which depends on the size of the canvas, the cost of the materials used, the timing of the work, can be purchased both with delivery in Ukraine by the courier service Nova Poshta, and by self-pickup in the Dnieper at st.  Zaporizhzhya highway, 62-K, opposite the 3rd ticket office. The cost of the frame is not included in the cost of the work performed. To find out how much a painting costs to order the size you need, fill out a special form on the site. Still have questions? Contact me by phone +38 098 770 10 22, and I will answer them in detail.