Mountains: Oil Paintings

Did you get the idea to please yourself or someone from the environment with an author’s painting with a mountain landscape? Great! I will gladly and in a short time help to bring it to life. On my website you can both buy ready-made works from among those collected in the gallery, and order the creation of paintings with the theme of «mountains»
Горы. Картина маслом. Холст
Гори. Картина олією. Полотно / Mountains. Oil painting. Canvas
Египетские пирамиды. Картина маслом. Холст
Єгипетські піраміди. Картина олією. Полотно / Egyptian pyramids. Oil painting. Canvas
Свято-Успенська Святогірська лавра Украина. Холст 40х60 см. Масло. Мастихин

To achieve stability in the life of their owners, it is recommended to hang canvases with a mountain landscape on the wall of an office or home office behind their backs as a sign of protection and support. The exception is oil paintings «mountains, waterfall» and any other images of mountains in combination with water, because. this leads to a conflict with energy. Also, the painting of the «mountains» in oil on canvas is appropriate in the western or northwestern part of the bedroom, where it is able to «charge» the space with positive energy. 

Picturesque oil paintings «mountains, lakes» in neutral colors can be hung in the hall or living room – in this case, they will not only transform the interior, but also provide a good mood for guests.

I help my clients:
  • Choose an oil painting «mountains» for any interior.
  • Create an exclusive image of mountains on canvas.
  • Receive an order with delivery to any city in Ukraine and the world.

The easiest and fastest option for you is to go to the gallery on the site and, after studying the whole variety of mountain landscapes, choose the work you like the most. After that, it remains to place an order through the feedback form or by phone – and within a few days your painting will be delivered by postal service to the destination indicated in the application. 

It will take a little more time to finalize the «mountains» oil painting in accordance with your preferences. You inform me about them in writing on the website, and we agree on all the details over the phone before you submit an application.

And finally, you can send me a clear photo of the mountains, found on the web or taken by you, and after clarifying the parameters of the future picture, I will calculate the cost of the work. If it suits you, you place an order and pay for it according to the terms of cooperation, and I get to work.

Surround yourself and your loved ones with exquisite beauty – purchase custom handmade paintings «mountains» from the artist in the city of Dnipro Irina Kvasha.