Irina Kvasha - artist

Freelance artist, painter.

I paint author’s oil paintings for your interior or as an exclusive gift. I work in author’s and traditional painting techniques in various directions.

I fulfill desires – I create paintings to order.

Creative search for yourself as a person

My path to creativity and self-realization as an artist was long and thorny, probably like most creative people. I was born on September 29 under the constellation Libra. This sign has one plus – a huge creative potential and, in contrast to it, one minus – constant doubt in one’s abilities.

I studied at the Moscow University of Arts, worked as a stone artist, make-up artist in a modeling agency, and as far as I can remember, creativity has always been with me. Exactly, as well as doubt in their creative abilities.

It is great to work with them as they understand precisely the role of a business owners and how the businesses operates.
Irina Kvasha —

True love for painting

Years later, I found myself as an artist and accepted the artist in me. No wonder they say that women, like fine wine, only get better with age. So my love for painting has become restrained, mature and all-encompassing.

I have been painting oil paintings for relatives, friends and relatives for a long time. And somehow, quite naturally, the circle of connoisseurs of my work has expanded significantly from friends to their friends, from colleagues to their colleagues, from relatives to their relatives. I will be glad to see you among my customers. I like to create pictures filled with love and creative freedom: landscapes, flowers, seas and mountains.

Author's painting technique

Today it is not so important what I have in my hands, a brush or a palette knife, what I work with – oil paint, texture paste or patale, it is important that there is a recognizable style, a subtle but well-formed signature of the artist.