Roses: oil paintings

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Here you will find amazing oil paintings “roses”, photos of which can be viewed in detail in the gallery of completed works and ordered online. Or you can choose the copy you like as a basis and order the creation of a picture according to an individual sketch.

красивые картины цветов
цветы маслом мастихином
Маки. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / Poppies. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
Белые пионы. Картина маслом. Холст 50x60 см
цветы маслом мастихином
Бузок. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / Lilac. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
картины цветы маслом
Тюльпани. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / Tulips. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
картина цветы розы
Троянди. Полотно 40/50. Олія. Мастіхін / Roses. Canvas 40/50. Oil. Palette knife
картина маслом цветы крупные
Мак. Полотно 20/20. Олія. Мастіхін / Poppy. Canvas 20/20. Oil. Palette knife
маки маслом мастихином
Бджілка на маку. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / A bee on a poppy. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
  • Love and beauty: The rose has long been associated with love, passion and beauty. A red rose, for example, can symbolize deep and passionate feelings. 
  • Art and aesthetics: The rose is a popular motif in art due to its exquisite shape and rich color palette.
  • A variety of meanings: Roses of different colors convey different symbolic meanings. For example, a white rose speaks of purity and innocence, a yellow rose speaks of friendship and joy, and a black rose speaks of sadness or farewell. 
  • Past and future: Fallen petals or wilted roses symbolize wilting, aging, or the passing of time. On the other hand, opening buds hint at renewal and the future.
  • Symbols of religious and cultural traditions: Roses are uniquely interpreted in different cultures, due to religious or cultural customs. 
  • Individual perception: Each viewer can give the painting their own meaning, and the rose can mean something unique and special to them.

To find out exactly what a rose oil painting on canvas symbolizes, it is best to contact the artist himself or study the context of the work and its structural elements. This way you will understand what ideas and emotions the artist was trying to express.

The art of oil painting, like a magic bridge between reality and fantasy, allows us to plunge into the universe of colors and shapes, where each stroke of the master recreates unique moments of life. Like a rose that opens its petals in an endless garden, oil paintings can take us to the world of invisible emotions, mysterious associations and unforgettable stories.

Let’s go on a fascinating journey through oil painting and find out which roses of this art can envelop us with their wonderful aromas and colors.


Mysterious and passionate, like a calling whisper of the night, the oil painting reveals the magic of red roses. Each brushstroke on the canvas is like the music of the soul, in which tenderness and passion are intertwined. Each luxurious petal is like a precious gem that radiates the bright light of love and admiration.

The red roses on this canvas bloom under the harmony of sensual shades, creating the illusion of living beauty, elusive and yet tangible.

Nature and significance

Red roses symbolize passion, desire and tender love, a sensual expression of deep and intimate feelings. An artist who paints red roses on canvas conveys their lively and dynamic nature.

For whom it is suitable?

For those who appreciate strong and deep emotions. A painting with red roses will attract the attention of people with a passionate and romantic character. It can also become a great accent in the interior if you want to add a little elegance and emotional intensity to your home.

Where to hang it?

  • In the bedroom: to create an atmosphere of passion and romance.
  • In the living room: as an expressive decorative element that creates a vivid impression.
  • In the hall or lounge: as a central focus that attracts the attention of guests.

To whom to give?

The painting with red roses is perfect for a gift: 

  • To your partner or lover: as a manifestation of passion and deep feelings.
  • Friends or family: to express their love and gratitude. 
  • In moments of special joy or important events: as a living symbol of joy and emotional inspiration.

Psychology of color

The color red itself stimulates emotions and activity, attracts attention, and sometimes even creates a feeling of inner tension. In the world of art and color psychology, red is associated with ambition, determination, and vitality. A painting with red roses can inspire action, awakening inner passions and desires.


On the canvas, like a sophisticated symphony of light and tenderness, snow-white roses bloom. Their petals, created from the gentlest touches of the morning, captivate with their effortless beauty and perfection. The shade of white is reflected in each petal, creating a play of light and shadow, inviting you to look into the very depths of the purity and purity of these flowers.

Character and meaning

The nature of the white roses in the picture will radiate calmness, softness and pacification. The shade of delicate white petals in combination with green leaves will create a visually harmonious and calming image.

Suitable for whom?

Such a picture is suitable for decorating interiors when you need to bring elegance and style to the environment. It will look good in the bedroom, living room or dining room, adding a touch of sophistication.

Where to hang? 

  • In the bedroom: to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

  • In the living room:
    as an element of decor that adds sophistication and style.
  • In the hallway: as a welcoming accent symbolizing cleanliness and hospitality.

To whom to give?

A picture with white roses is ideal for a gift:

  • For the wedding: a manifestation of love, purity and a new beginning. 
  • To friends or relatives: to express tender feelings and wishes for happiness. 
  • In times of difficulty: to support and inspire innovation.

Color psychology

White color is always purity, innocence and harmony. It seems to envelop a calm and relaxing atmosphere, can help improve mood and reduce stress.

In this context, the white color of the roses and their representation in the painting reinforce these positive effects, making the painting attractive to a wide audience.


Oil strokes gently frame each petal, creating a magical feeling of touching the tenderness of nature. Mixing picturesque tones in a yellow palette allows you to convey the warmth and joy that these roses radiate. Looking at the picture makes the heart beat faster, as if under the influence of gentle breezes of the summer wind.

Character and meaning

They symbolize joy, happiness, light and friendliness. They can convey a feeling of sunny warmth and optimism. A picture with yellow roses evokes internal associations with the lightness and joy of life.

Suitable for whom

For people who value brightness, joy and optimism. It will look harmonious in interiors with a light and bright atmosphere. Such a work of art can be a nice addition to a room in which you need to add light notes.

Where to hang?

  • In the living room: to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. 
  • In the children’s room: as an element of decor that promotes positive emotions.
  • In the kitchen or dining room: to add color and energy to a space.

To whom to give? 

A picture with yellow roses is ideal for a gift: 

  • To friends or relatives: an expression of joy and friendly affection. 
  • For a birthday or other holiday: to share a share of the sunny mood. 
  • In moments when you need to support and give a smile.

Color psychology

Yellow is associated with the sun, joy, optimism and energy. Promotes increased activity, cheerful mood, stimulates thinking and creates a feeling of lightness.


The painting with pink roses invites us to travel to the world of dreams and emotions, to a world where the blooming of roses is a magical song that nature sings for our hearts. The artist’s brush becomes a magical immersion in beauty, slowing down time so we can enjoy this enchantment.

Character and meaning

Before you is tenderness, romance, friendship and gratitude. Pink roses give a fragrant bouquet of peace and harmony. A picture with pink roses calls for relaxation and creates a soft, pleasant impression.

Suitable for whom

For people who like to show tenderness, appreciate romance and elegance. The picture will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of comfort and peace. This work of art appeals to lovers of classic style and fans of delicate, unobtrusive decorative solutions.

Where to hang: 

  • In the bedroom: to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.
  • In the living room: as an element of decor that gives elegance and femininity. 
  • In the recreation room: to emphasize calmness and comfort.

To whom to give

A picture with pink roses can be given as a gift:

  • To friends: as an expression of friendly affection and gratitude.
  • To a loved one: as a sign of tender feelings and romance. 
  • For an anniversary, birthday or other holiday: as a symbol of good wishes and respect.

Color psychology

Pink is associated with tenderness, romance and love. If you need to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, choose pink.

Pink roses on the canvas emphasize the symbolism of tenderness and emotional closeness.

I offer a variety of ideas regarding different types of painting roses with oil. Example:

  • Still life, including roses and other elements: vases, fruits or interior items. 
  • Landscape with roses. Roses in the garden, against the horizon or along the river.
  • Game with geometric shapes, colored spots and textures to create an abstract image of roses.
  • Include a rose in the portrait image.
  • Adding unexpected elements and creating a fantasy, surreal image of a rose. 
  • Roses in different lighting conditions. Under the morning rays, the setting sun or artificial lighting.
  • Roses in motion. Try to record the movement of roses under the breath of the wind.
  • Macro image of roses.Get as close to the roses as possible to convey the details of the petals, texture and dewdrops.
  • Roses as part of the composition. For example, as a detail on the background of larger elements.
  • Symbolic image of a rose to convey a certain message or mood. For example, red roses can symbolize passion and love, white roses – purity and innocence.

And how would you draw roses?
And even better — order oil paintings from Iryna Kvashi’s gallery. Your ideas will be talentedly embodied on canvas under the guidance of the creator. 

Painting roses with oil is an exciting and creative activity that allows artists to express the beauty of these beautiful flowers.

In what style to draw roses? 

  • Realistic style: this technique involves a detailed image of a rose using bright and saturated colors. The artist strives to convey every nuance and texture of the petals, creating a sense of volume and reality.
  • Impressionism: in this style, the emphasis is on conveying the emotions and impressions caused by the rose. Work with large strokes and bright colors to create atmosphere.
  • Expressionism: the style is suitable for those who want to convey deep emotions through roses. Bold and expressive strokes are used here to show passion, joy or even melancholy.
  • Abstractionism:
      experiments with shapes, colors and textures. You can play with unusual compositions and bold decisions.
  • Classic romantic style: this style is distinguished by tenderness and sophistication. Roses are depicted in soft tones, with an emphasis on romantic character and tenderness.
  • Minimalism: if you prefer simplicity and purity, then you can create a rose with a minimum number of details and color spots, giving the work a harmonious elegance.
  • Surrealism: unexpected combinations depicting a rose in an unusual context with elements of fantasy.
  • Hyperrealism: aiming to create a rose with stunning detail and realism that allows the viewer to almost physically feel the texture of the petals and the fragrance of the flower. 
  • Postimpressionism: combining elements of impressionism with a brighter color palette and geometric shapes, the image of a rose turns out to be very interesting and original.
  • Photorealism: in this technique, the rose is depicted so accurately that it appears to be a photograph. Finest details and subtlest color transitions to achieve maximum realism.

The choice of technique and style depends on your preferences and artistic vision. It is important to remember that each style provides an opportunity to uniquely interpret the beauty of the rose and convey your emotions through the canvas.

  • Choose a style: before buying a painting, decide on the desired style: realism, impressionism, modern art, etc. Styles convey different emotions and moods through the image of a rose.
  • Color range: roses can be of different colors – red, white, pink, yellow, orange, etc. Choose a color that matches the interior of your room or that you just like.
  • Size and proportions: choose the size of the picture that corresponds to the size of the wall and the room where it will hang. Too large or too small a picture breaks the balance of the interior.
  • Authorship: if you have a preference for a certain artist, search for works by that particular artist. 
  • Emotional reaction: before buying, be sure to look at the picture and feel your feelings. It is important that the work evokes positive feelings and inspiration.
  • Budget: set a budget limit and search for options within that range. Prices for paintings can vary greatly depending on size and style.
  • Get tips: if you are not sure which painting to choose, ask friends, family or even art professionals for advice.
  • Check it out live: if possible, see the painting in person before buying. This will help you see details, texture and colors more accurately.

Personal opinion: finally, choose a picture that resonates with your personal perception and has special meaning for you.

Paintings of roses by great masters of painting reveal to us the richness and tenderness of this symbol of love and elegance. Emotion and beauty sound in each color, which creates an impression of eternity and peace.

  • One of the beautiful works is “Roses” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This picture seems to take us into a magical garden, where delicate flower petals play in the light, creating a feeling of a magical aromatic atmosphere. Renoir’s master plein air gives an opportunity to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays enveloping the flowers and their gentle interaction with the surrounding world. 
  • In another work – “Roses and Cornflowers” by Vincent van Gogh – the emotional depth and saturation of colors attract the eye. Bright red roses contrast with a bright blue background. It seems that the artist’s brush passionately expresses his sense of self and perception of the beauty of nature. 
  • The art of Giorgio O’Keeffe also contributed to the world of roses. His work “Abstract Rose” perfectly demonstrates a non-standard vision of this symbol. Forms and colors merge in unusual compositions, evoking associations with music and rhythm. The rose here becomes not only an object of sophistication, but also a source of inner harmony. 
  • And one cannot fail to mention Andrzej Vrubel’s “Roses”, which combine mysticism and realism. Fairy-tale colors and eaves perspectives create an impression of magic, while the details of the roses captivate with their delicate and colorful images.

These paintings of roses by famous artists are just a small part of the rich legacy they left to the world. The art of painting allows us to look into the depths of the human soul, revealing to us all the beauty and versatility of this symbol of nature and feelings.

Maria Prymachenko was a Ukrainian artist who worked with oil paints and depicted roses. She was self-taught and created bright and expressive works, often inspired by the nature of her native village of Bolotnyanka. Her paintings of roses impress with their rich colors, unusual shapes, and lively energy. 

Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Vereshchahin also loved to paint flowers.

His paintings are characterized by realism and detail, and he skillfully conveyed the texture and shades of flowers, including roses, in his works.

Both artists contributed to Ukrainian art and left talented and unforgettable works. 

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  • By ordering an original painting, you support the creative activity of the artist, helping him to develop and realize his ideas.

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