Modular oil paintings for interior

Modular oil paintings are not just art decor, they are real art. Such paintings are a composition of several separate parts, connecting which you get a full-fledged, impressive and inspiring work. 

The peculiarity of modular paintings is their flexibility. You decide how to hang them on the wall, what parts to divide them into and what size they will be. You can change the composition in any way you like – it’s a matter of your taste and preferences.

Thanks to the variety of themes and styles, modular oil paintings are easy to match any decor. You can choose from abstract works, reproductions of classic paintings, nature photos, cityscapes – there is no limit to your imagination.

For many years paintings were considered expensive attributes of the best homes. They were hung in living rooms, halls, and studies. And nowadays, paintings are still a popular form of decor. Express yourself, be inspired, change the space around you through the aesthetics of modular paintings.

Important facts about modular paintings

1.1. Diptych

A diptych in the world of modular paintings combines two separate elements as two harmonious halves that create a single composition. These are two parts of a painting that are placed side by side. They can be separated by space or connected with the help of decorative elements. Often such paintings have a common subject, but divided into two halves.

A diptych seems to tell a story or convey emotion through the juxtaposition and contrast of two parts. One half of a diptych can complement, balance or even contrast the other. This is how the artist plays with the form, colors, textures and subject matter of the painting.

Diptychs often depict two aspects of a single idea, two time periods, two states of mind, or even two different worlds existing in a single space. The Creator literally “divides” the moment.

Diptychs in modular paintings always present a challenge to the imagination. They become a bridge between the artist and his public, opening doors to the wonderful world of art and inspiring new visions and ideas.

1.2. Triptych

A triptych, as its name makes clear, consists of three parts of a painting. Each part carries its own meaning, but together they create a deeper and more holistic perception. The plot of a triptych is already more complex: the first part can be an introduction to the story, the second – the development of the plot, and the third – its completion. The artist tells the story on the canvas sequentially, revealing new details on each half. 

A triptych allows us to see how an idea or emotion develops from one part to another. In this sense, triptychs can be a mirror of our own experience, where each part is a chapter of our life story.

The art of triptych in modular paintings is a symphony of colors, shapes and subjects that can transport you to another world, make you think and feel. See the beauty of the moment, which so often escapes our attention in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1.3. Polyptych

A polyptych is a multitude of parts, several paintings connected by a common meaning and idea. The narrative of a polyptych is diverse. There is the telling of a story, the mood and emotions – a whole harmony between the individual parts of the painting.

Polyptychs in modular paintings often allow the viewer to look at a single subject or object from different angles. Artists experiment with texture, color, and structure, creating works of art that cannot be described in one word. 

These paintings are fascinating for their unusual form and their ability to reveal stories and emotions, everyone sees such a painting in their own way – that is its main highlight.

Polyptych expands the horizons of art and makes your interior special. If your wall is still empty – decorate it with a polyptych and you will notice how the space around you will change, what notes will appear in the sound of your home. 

Choosing between a diptych, triptych and polyptych is like choosing between different musical compositions. A diptych unites two worlds, a triptych takes the viewer through a sequential story, and a polyptych conveys a wealth of emotions. 

Modular paintings in different rooms: themes and peculiarities of placement

Paintings in the home are a representation of the soul inside your four walls. The painting fully becomes a part of you and your family and makes your home unique.

Landscapes bring tranquility, abstract works bring inspiration, and portraits bring warmth and comfort. Hang a painting at home and look at it: it will give you peace of mind, help you escape from everyday worries and immerse you in the world of art.

Studies prove that art and beauty can positively influence the psychological state of a person – that’s why people all over the world tend to decorate their home decor with small or large works of art – paintings.

Peculiarities of placement of modular paintings:

  • Grouping: One large painting or a group of several modular paintings together? Think about what you would like more of. A grouping of paintings creates dynamics in an interior, and a large painting is often used as a central accent. 
  • Size and scale: Consider the size of the room and furniture when choosing the size of your modular paintings. Paintings that are too large can overwhelm small rooms and those that are too small can get lost in large spaces. 
  • Placement Height: Usually the center of a painting is at eye level, but why not experiment? For example, in a living room with high ceilings, a painting can be raised higher to emphasize the vertical space.
  • Light and illumination: Consider how the light affects your painting. Backlighting paintings can help create interesting effects, and be sure to consider lighting when choosing a color palette for your paintings. 
  • Frame selection: The frame is also an important element. It emphasizes the overall style of the interior or adds contrast.

So which painting to choose for the living room and bedroom, and which one for the children’s room? Here are some ideas for painting subjects:

2.1. Living room

  • Abstraction with painterly colors: Create an atmosphere where bright, painterly colors move from one panel of the painting to another. Your living room will take on an art-gallery mood, and the design of the room will become a little brighter.
  • Cityscape: If you are a connoisseur of modern style, modular paintings depicting cityscapes, skyscrapers or night views will add charm to your living room.
  • Floristry: Floral compositions are always in fashion, because they give a touch of romance and freshness to any room. In the living room, hang pictures of large flowers or abstract floral motifs.
  • Surrealism and fantasy: paintings with surrealist elements and fantastical effects evoke mystery. Your living room will become a space for endless discussion and reflection.

Advice: The living room is the coziest place in the house. Hang soothing modular paintings on its walls: mountain ranges, sea views or forests will give your living room a sense of calm and harmony.

2.2. Bedroom

  • Antique styles: For classic lovers, you can pick up antique style paintings. These works of art surround the bedroom with an aristocratic character and create a sense of timelessness.
  • Flora and fauna: Paintings depicting flowers, trees, birds or animals help to relax and set you up for a good night’s sleep – just what you need for this room.
  • Family portraits: Don’t forget about personal moments and memories. Modular paintings with family portraits or important events in your life will remind you of the importance of family relationships. Let those who love you always be there for you.
  • Historical or ethnic motifs: If you’re drawn to history or culture, you’re sure to love a painting with historical motifs – paintings are great at telling stories.

Advice: Remember that modular paintings take up a lot of space. The size of the painting should match the size of the wall. A painting that is too large or too small can upset the balance of the interior.

2.3. Children’s

  • Fantastic Animals: Children are always interested in imagining fairy tale creatures. Try decorating your child’s room with modular pictures of unicorns, dragons and fairies.
  • Space adventure: babies love space. Planets, stars and spaceships are what captivate at first sight. The nursery can be a huge cosmic space for the little ones.
  • Magical forest: forests are full of mysterious creatures and adventures. Create a series of paintings of forest animals, elves, fairies and other magical creatures.
  • Underwater world: images of fish, coral, sharks and other sea creatures will surround an amazing atmosphere.

Advice: in the children’s room looks good bright and saturated colors, they develop imagination and give a good mood capricious kids.

2.4. Kitchen

  • Morning at the cafe: imagine that your kitchen is a cozy cafe. Each module can depict different elements of this atmosphere: a cup of coffee, fresh croissants, flowers in a vase, etc. Surround yourself with coziness and comfort.
  • Gastronomic Collection: Create a series of modular paintings, each dedicated to a specific culinary category. For example, one module could be vegetables, another could be seafood, another could be sweets.
  • Abstract culinary stories: Use an abstract style to convey the atmosphere of the kitchen through shapes and colors. Let these elements be mysteriously associated with cooking.

Advice: Choose a painting that will harmonize with the hues of your kitchen. A contrasting combination to bring in colorful accents. Colors to match the kitchen – to create a unified style.

2.5. Entrance hall

  • Horizons: one panel can be the sea, one panel can be a mountain range, and one panel can be the sky in sunset light. This will give your hallway a feeling of spaciousness and travel.
  • Gallery: Make your hallway your own art gallery. Order reproductions in the form of modular paintings by famous artists: Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and others.
  • Geometry and colors: geometric patterns and rich colors will make the hallway stylish. The idea is suitable for lovers of modern design.  
  • Natural wonders: transport your hallway to a world of natural wonders. Picture mountains, ocean, forest – a natural and calming atmosphere right from your doorstep.

Advice: Decorate your home with oil paintings, they will fill you with inspiration. Every time you walk into your entryway, you will be greeted by paintings best sources of inspiration.

Varieties of modular images for interior

3.1. Number of segments

Interior design offers endless possibilities for creativity. Modular paintings can be combined in many ways:

  • Two-segment paintings: A two-part painting will add depth to the interior. You can play with contrasts or emphasize the harmony of two colors.
  • Three-segment paintings: images, divided into three segments, bring dynamic and colorful accents to the room. A great way to diversify the design.
  • Multi-segment collages: And if you want to be extravagant, you need a painting with a large number of segments – there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with tones, textures and shapes.

How many segments should I choose? Focus on your taste and style of the apartment – it is important that each image creates a cozy atmosphere around it.

3.2. Segment size

Modular paintings are still an amazing way to bring beauty and artistic inspiration to the interior of your home. Apart from the subject of the paintings, you can also choose the size of the paintings. So what size of painting to opt for?

  • The little ones: Modular paintings can be small in size, consisting of two, three or four parts. Such compositions are ideal for small rooms, give them coziness and originality.
  • Averages: Medium modular paintings include five to eight elements. This size is suitable for decorating a living room or bedroom and creates a more expressive artistic accent.
  • Large: Large modular paintings consist of ten or more parts. They are the centerpiece of the home interior.

3.3. Arrangement of modules on the wall

Options on how to place paintings on the wall:

  • Create a focal point: Choose one large modular painting, it will become the main one in your interior. Place it in the center of the wall, and arrange the other modules around it.
  • Symmetry: Place paintings symmetrically. You will get a balanced and harmonious composition.
  • Create clusters: Group modular paintings into clusters. You can put paintings of different sizes and shapes together, but they should share a common theme or color palette.
  • Play with size: Experiment with different sizes of modular paintings to «liven up» the wall space.
  • Find the right height: usually the center point of the painting should be at eye level. 
  • Use a frame or passepartout: They give your paintings a finished and neat look. Choose frames that match the décor of your interior.
  • Take the lighting into account: good lighting emphasizes the beauty of the painting. 
  • Experiment with styles: Don’t be afraid to combine different styles of pictures on one wall. Mixing styles looks unconventional and interesting – not like everyone else’s.
  • Change everything: The advantage of modular paintings is that you can change their arrangement if you get bored with the current one.

Modular paintings in different interior styles

Interior is like a page of a great book, telling the story of our life and tastes. Whatever the style and design direction of your home or office, modular paintings can be the key to creating a unique and harmonious interior.

Today, modular paintings come in a variety of styles, from modern abstractions to classic masterful works of art. The beauty can be seen in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Modular oil paintings create harmony, emphasize the decor and even change the perception of space. They add accents or, on the contrary, envelope with a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Some inspiring ideas where you can hang modular paintings in different interior styles:

  • Living room in minimalist style: Place a set of modular paintings on the wall above the sofa or dresser. Abstract or geometric compositions are suitable here.
  • Scandinavian design style bedroom: Place modular paintings above the bed. Images of forests, sea or mountains will convey the quiet, austere mood of Scandinavia to the bedroom.
  • Provence style kitchen: flowers, fruit or rustic landscapes next to the dining table will give a «tasty» touch to the kitchen.
  • Office or workspace: modular paintings inspire employees to be productive.
  • Bathroom: In addition to standard accessories, hang water-resistant modular paintings with nautical or nature motifs in the bathroom – yes, even this room blends in with the art of painting.

Ideas for business interiors

Did you know that even a mundane office building needs beautiful decor? You bet! Colorful pictures stimulate creative thinking and help reduce stress – important for any employee.

I am not even talking about a cafe or a hotel. Modular oil paintings will help to create a unique and memorable style of the institution, and most importantly – will give a lot of positive emotions and impressions to visitors. As you can see, you can’t go anywhere without paintings!

Sharing ideas on what to hang in a cafe, restaurant or hotel.

4.1. Cafe

  • Culinary Arts: gourmet dishes, fruits or vegetables will emphasize the sophistication and taste of your cafe. An appetizing mood is ensured for everyone.
  • Shapes and textures: Dimensional shapes and textures are an additional ingredient in the décor of an establishment. Don’t leave the walls empty – decorate them with images of entertaining patterns.

If your cafe is located in an urban environment, you can place modular paintings depicting the city. This will make your visitors feel as if they are immersed in the atmosphere of the metropolis.

4.2. Restaurant

  • Abstract ideas and emotions: Such works encourage interesting conversations and create a special atmosphere for inspiration. In a restaurant, it is always nice to have a conversation in an interior that pleases the eye.
  • If your restaurant is aimed at a young audience, you can choose paintings with bright and unusual images. For example, graffiti paintings will attract guests who appreciate modern, youthful art.
  • For a romantic atmosphere, choose paintings depicting flowers or landscapes. A touch of romance will not interfere with pleasant dates.

Choose paintings that match the cuisine and menu of the restaurant. With images of pasta or pizza for an Italian cafe or sushi for a Japanese restaurant.

4.3. Hotel

  • Local nature and architecture: Oil paintings depicting beautiful natural landscapes or architectural landmarks where the hotel is located will better familiarize guests with your city.
  • Interpretation of local culture: If your hotel is located in a place with a rich cultural history, hang a painting inspired by that culture. This could be a depiction of local customs, symbols or historical events.
  • Time of year: Show the changeability of nature in your city. Let each module of the painting, show the beauty of the seasons of the year – spring, summer, fall and winter.

First of all, think about what kind of atmosphere and style of hotel you want. Decide on the theme and concept of your interior. For example, you can choose modern minimalism, classic style, ethnic decor or something completely new and unique reflecting the local culture and history.

4.4. Office

  • Company history and culture: Hang modular paintings that tell the story of your company and its values. For example, a portrait of the company’s founder or symbols associated with your brand is a great solution. Achievements are something to be proud of.
  • Interesting tiles and modular compositions: Try experimenting with different shapes and sizes of modular paintings. For example, a puzzle painting is sure to capture the attention of guests and corporate partners.

Paintings depicting nature or cityscapes help you relax and concentrate on work. And abstract patterns and figures stimulate thinking.

Why a painting is a wonderful gift?

  1. A painting visually changes a room, giving it atmosphere and character. It becomes the central element of an interior that fascinates and inspires.
  2. By giving a gift of a painting, you can inspire someone to take the path of an artist. If someone is hesitant to become a painter, let a painting encourage them to take this step.
  3. A picture starts an interesting conversation and discussion. People usually discuss books and movies. But there is also a lot of room for conversation in paintings: by discussing art, we get to know and understand each other better.
  4. The painting can be passed down from generation to generation. It can become an important symbol of your family and preserve the history and memories of your loved ones.
  5. First of all, you hand over not a picture, but a source of feelings and inner harmony. Such a gift will not leave anyone in indifferent feelings. And your care and attention will be remembered for a long time.

Paintings evoke a whole range of emotions, from joy and delight to sadness and melancholy. They can transport us back in time or inspire us for the future. If you are looking for beauty, you are sure to find it in the aesthetics of paintings. Nature, abstract forms, portraits are all inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Each painting is a work of art that conveys a unique story or idea. It is like a dialog between the creator and the observers.

Do you want to forget and be transported to another world? Just look at the picture – the mirror of our soul.

And you can order a painting from my gallery. I paint different subjects: flowers, still life, create works of art that will make you or your loved ones a little happier.

  • 90% of my paintings decorate interiors in homes and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world. 
  • 100+ of my clients have come to me through referrals from acquaintances and other customers. 

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Paintings can speak to us on a level that words cannot reach. They transport us into a world of colors, shapes and textures, creating harmony or drama. Each brush stroke or pencil stroke is like a note in music, forming the melody of visual perception.

Finally, paintings bring beauty and joy to everyday life. With paintings, there is an inspiring and soothing atmosphere in our homes.

Sometimes just one beautiful painting on the wall can make our life richer and brighter. I will be glad to paint a picture for you!

Triptych is a work of art in the visual arts consisting of three panels or parts that are often joined together to form a single composition. Each of these parts may contain different images, but they are usually linked by a common theme, subject, or style. 

Triptychs gained popularity in the art of medieval Europe, especially in painting and iconography, and were used to depict religious scenes, such as scenes from the life of Christ or saints. 

But even today they have not lost their relevance. Modern artists continue to experiment with this form, creating more abstract and unusual compositions that resonate in modern room decor.

A painting consisting of four parts is usually called a quadriptych. For example, a diptych consists of two parts, a triptych of – three, a quadriptych of four. 

Quadriptychs are used by artists to create larger, more complex compositions or to convey larger stories.

Such a painting is called a hexaptich. A hexaptich divides a large and complex composition into small parts. Such paintings can beautifully depict the effect of movement or the development of events.

The six panels of the painting are a good opportunity for creative experiments with composition. The artist has a huge space to express himself creatively on as many as 6 canvases.

Custom paintings are unique creations that reflect your preferences and interests. 

You have the opportunity to purchase a painting that fully matches your tastes, and you can also add your own ideas to it. As a custom painter, I am always ready to listen to your suggestions and translate them into my painting.

An exclusive painting will be painted especially for you – you will not see another similar work anywhere else. It will be a perfect addition to the interior of your home or workspace. You choose the size, color scheme and style of the painting, and every smallest detail in the painting will be a reflection of your and my inspiration. 

You can order such a work of art both for yourself and as a delightful gift for your loved ones. A painting is a wonderful manifestation of our care and love for those we appreciate.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of art presented in my gallery. Here each painting becomes a unique work of art. 

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I believe that my calling is to turn my customers’ desires and dreams into picturesque masterpieces!

I am a freelance artist, a master oil painter. I love to paint in floral themes – it is not just a manifestation of art, but an expression of my soul. My passion for roses comes to life on canvas, and afterwards on your walls. I also draw: Ukraine, still life, sea, nature, mountains, winter, cityscapes in the style of modular paintings and not only. I welcome personal ideas and wishes of my customers.
  • 90% of my paintings decorate interiors in homes and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world.
  • 100+ of my clients have come to me through referrals from clients and acquaintances.