Art Nouveau oil paintings: from the origins to the present day

Art Nouveau is a bright artistic style that easily intertwines elements of different eras and cultures, creating a unique art. Art Nouveau brings a fresh perspective on creativity, overturning traditional ideas about painting and decorative arts.

In this style, artists play with shapes, colors, and textures. Such works seem completely unlike anything you have ever seen before. There are no rigid boundaries and limitations, just endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity.

Features of paintings in the Art Nouveau style

1.1. Palette

Art Nouveau flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and left an indelible mark on the world of fine art. This period brought many new and unique artistic movements and styles to the world. However, one of the most memorable features of Art Nouveau is its rich and often unusual palette.

A game of contrasts

Bold contrasts and vivid color combinations are what make the Art Nouveau palette truly unique. Painters of this era used contrasts to create tension and drama in their works. Light colors are juxtaposed with dark colors, creating an impression of duality and surprise.

Symbolism in every paint

Each color in Art Nouveau has its own symbolism and meaning. For example, blue characterizes dreams and spirituality, and green – hope and harmony with nature. Symbolism enhances the emotional depth of paintings and helps artists express their ideas and feelings through the color scheme.

Every color, every shade of Art Nouveau is a piece of the great puzzle that represents the diversity of the human soul and the world around us.

1.2. Texture

The amazing thing about Art Nouveau is its ability to create stunning visual effects through texture. Artists experiment with different materials and techniques to convey a sense of movement, light and emotion on canvas.

Paints are applied in thick strokes, sometimes even stone plasters. The texture of Art Nouveau style can be rich and varied. From the shimmering touches of bronze in Klimt’s paintings to the dotted strokes of oil in Serat’s canvases, each work has a unique texture, giving it depth and vitality.

Metallized paints, glass beads or even gold and silver are added to the paintings, creating an impression of luxury and sophistication. Even now Art Nouveau can capture the imagination, allowing everyone to find their own world in this magic of textures and ideas.

1.3. Styles

Art Nouveau was not limited to the palette and strokes, it was a true manifesto of cultural and social change. Art Nouveau artists sought to free themselves from outdated norms and frameworks, giving free rein to their imagination and intuition. Art became a reflection of the spirit of the time, its diversity and dynamism.

Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Impressionism and Fauvism were all part of Art Nouveau, and each contributed to the rich mosaic canvas of the period.

Art Nouveau also brought new motifs. Artists began to pay more attention to urban life, industry, and technological change. It was a period of transformation, and Art Nouveau art reflected these changes, sometimes criticizing them and sometimes glorifying them.

1.4. Topics

The creators of the time sought to understand not only the external, but also the inner world of man. They used dream motifs, fantasies and abstractions to paint works of art that evoke deep feelings and reflections in the viewer.

Another important theme of Art Nouveau was the perception of nature and urban life. Cities, parks, landscapes with unusual angles of view in lush colors – this is what gave the paintings dynamism and modernity. I wanted to capture the transience of time and the changes in the world around me.

Social/political issues were not neglected either. Many artists expressed their stance on inequalities, wars and revolutions through paintings. They often depicted allegories and symbols to convey their message to the viewer.

Modernists actively experimented with the form and structure of artistic works. They rejected the traditional rules of perspective and composition, preferring geometric figures and abstract elements.

1.5. Size and shape

The ability to play with the shape and size of the canvas was highly valued by painters. There was no longer an obligation to create a canvas in portrait or landscape format. Instead, artists chose the form that suited their particular idea. 

Round canvases, triangular paintings, non-standard proportions became common elements of experiments. Artworks not only surprised visually, but also conveyed completely new sensations and feelings.

Modernists did not shy away from using large formats. Large paintings by Georges Braque or Claude Monet allowed you to plunge into the deep emotions created by the artist.

However, it was not only the size of the painting that mattered, it was the idea itself that was more important. Wassily Kandinsky and Pierre Mondrian painted with abstract shapes and geometric patterns to emphasize the meanings and principles underlying their works.

The reinterpretation of tradition and experimentation with form and size gave Art Nouveau painting an extraordinary variety. Art Nouveau still inspires and delights art lovers around the world.

1.6. Materials

Art Nouveau paintings are often true palettes of materials scattered along the canvas. It is as if a mixed medium in which oil, acrylics, paints, pastels, pencils and bits of fabric become the dialect of the artist. 

An ordinary canvas becomes a fertile field for exploration and self-expression. Modernists are not afraid to play with texture. They can apply paint with a brush, their fingers or even with a spoon. The texture can be rough and uneven, like a relief map of the world, or smooth, like velvet. The viewer feels a sense of depth and volume, and can dive right into the painting. 

And what to speak of color in modern! Colors on canvas shine and explode like fireworks in the sky. They can be bright and contrasting, with a sense of emotional excitement, or soft and pastel, with blissful calm.

Materials in painting are not just technical tools, but a means of communication with the audience. They convey the artist’s feelings, reflections, his rich inner world.

1.7. Placement method

And now, many years later, Art Nouveau is still a popular trend in painting. People like simplified forms, minimalism and attention to detail. Paintings in this style are particularly suitable for modern interiors – home and office environments.

Where and how to hang them to make your home more harmonious?

  • Find the right place: First of all, decide where you are going to hang the painting. Choose a place that stands out and becomes the center point of your interior. It can be a wall in the living room, a place above the dresser in the hallway or even in the bedroom.
  • Keep it minimalist: Art Nouveau is associated with minimalism, so do not overload the wall with a lot of paintings. Often one large or several small paintings is a more effective solution than a gallery of small works.
  • Match the color combination: your artwork should blend in with its surroundings. Modern often uses neutral, muted colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add accents of bright colors for an interesting contrast.
  • Experiment with materials: A painting can be hung in many different ways. It can be a conventional frame or canvases without a frame at all, or even metal or wooden panels. Different textures and materials give the work additional depth.
  • Play with the composition: Try placing paintings in unconventional compositions, creating unique and inspiring ensembles.
  • Lighting: Consider spot lights to emphasize the art. Light makes the artwork even more expressive.
  • Balance: Try to create a balance between large and small paintings. The interior of your room will become many times more interesting.

Paintings have a knack for telling stories about their owners and homes. Use a painting as a design element that complements your personality and taste.

Ideas for different rooms

Art plays an important role in creating coziness. Paintings transform any room and give it zest and personality. Each room needs its own painting – with a special theme, subject and character.

The living room can be called the heart of your home, the place where you receive guests and spend time with your family – a calm, cozy artwork that disposes to communication is suitable here. In the bedroom it is important to create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. And in the hallway – a sense of hospitality.

2.1. Entrance hall

The entrance hall is the first place that guests meet when they cross the threshold of your home. It is the first impression of you and your interior. How to make a strong statement about yourself and your home? Take a look at these picture ideas:

  • Geometric abstractions: shapes and lines are key elements of modernism. Choose abstract paintings with geometric patterns, they will give your hallway a modern and structured look. You can use understated colors: black, white, gray and metallic shades.
  • Contemporary portraits: Favor portrait paintings or modern interpretations of classic portraits. A home is also a kind of personality, bring it to life.
  • Graphic Arts: Strict lines, graphic elements and contrasting colors suit people whose homes value cleanliness, minimalism and austerity. Paintings with abstract graphic patterns or illustrations will make any hallway modern.
  • Paintings with natural motifs: Merge with the theme of nature and opt for paintings with images of abstract trees or waterfalls.
  • Floristry: Floral motifs are no worse fit into the interior of the hallway. Such paintings are often liked by gentle and romantic natures.

Advice: Be sure to respect the proportions. A painting cannot be too small or too big – its size should harmonize with other objects and things in your room.

2.2. Kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a special charm? Here’s where you come in:

  • Fruits and vegetables: apples, pears or citrus fruits in bright and vibrant colors. Paintings will bring freshness to the space.
  • Minimalism and color:  Minimalistic paintings with few color accents will accentuate the modern style of your kitchen.
  • Nautical Style: Use nautical motifs such as waves, coral and sea creatures. A seaside atmosphere right at the kitchen table is just what you need with a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Culinary details: Art Nouveau knives, forks, glasses and bottles will add thematic depth to the kitchen.

Advice: For art nouveau paintings, minimalist frames are usually chosen. But you can consider canvases or paintings on wooden stretchers.

2.3. Bathroom

Have you ever thought about the beauty of your bathtub? A painting in such a room will add a touch of elegance and luxury to your home. What to hang?

  • Abstract image of water or droplets, to create a feeling of coolness and freshness.
  • Sea waves, sandy beach motifs, calm sky, reflective sky — for relaxation and tranquility.
  • Botanical elements: leaves, flowers and branches – a story of freshness and picturesqueness.
  • Graffiti: a modern interpretation of graffiti. Your bathroom will have a slightly brutal style.

Advice: Not everyone hangs paintings in the bathroom, because you need to take into account many features of such a room: moisture, humidity, high temperature. But the picture in the bathroom is not only an element of design, but also relaxation. Your personal therapy in creating a wonderful mood from the very morning.

2.4. Living room

The living room is a sacred space in the home, where the soul of the interior is revealed and personal stories echo. It is the place where the walls invite us into the embrace of coziness and comfort. That is why we need special ideas for paintings here:

  • Cityscapes: Paintings depicting skyscrapers, bridges or street scenes will add metropolitan energy to your interior.
  • Portraits of contemporary icons: If you love art inspired by modern personalities, place portraits of famous artists, actors or musicians.
  • Geometric murals: Hang geometric murals on the walls, which will give your living room an architectural character and an interesting visual focal point.
  • Interesting textures: choose paintings that depict textures – metal, glass or wood to add a tactile element to your living room.

Advice: Pictures in the living room should emphasize the features of your interior: the color of furniture, carpet, shade of wallpaper.

2.5. Bedroom

Paintings placed in the bedroom carry magic and symbolism. They weave notes of calmness, tenderness and harmony into the space.

Calming landscapes, flowers, waterfalls, sunset are the main subjects of paintings for bedroom. And here are more detailed ideas:

  • Minimalism: Simple compositions with a limited color palette and geometric shapes will accentuate the purity of your bedroom.
  • Still lifes: Vases of flowers, fruit or art will add a touch of grace and style to the bedroom.
  • Portraits: Art Nouveau portraits depicting female beauty or persons with aristocratic facial features add sophistication to the bedroom.

Advice: Think about where you would like to place the painting. For example, a painting above a bed creates a focal point, while one above a dresser creates a focal point causes interest in the corner of the room.

2.6. Workroom

Your office is a cozy space for work and creativity. Choosing paintings for your office is an art that should combine style and functionality.

  • Interior landscapes: Paintings depicting architectural motifs will emphasize your commitment to modern design. They will create a sense of urban elegance and comfort.
  • Portraits and figures: Portraits and depictions of the human figure bring deep meaning and context to your workroom. These works of art can inspire you to ponder humanistic ideas and intellectual pursuits.
  • Fantastic compositions: Art Nouveau artists often play with fantastical elements, creating amazing worlds and visual associations. Such paintings can draw lines between reality and fantasy, which can encourage you to think more creatively.

Advice: Decide what mood you want to create in your office. A painting can convey your calmness, motivation, creativity or intellectual character. 

2.7. Children’s

A child’s room is not only a room, it is a magical space. Here reigns joy, bright colors, and many opportunities for the development of creative imagination. Painting for a child’s room should be as lively, bright and full of magic. For babies, motifs are suitable:

  • Illustrations from children’s books: Often in the Art Nouveau style you can find interesting illustrations from children’s books. They can be both classic and modern, and will remind you of the wonderful world of literature and inspire you to read.
  • Paintings of nature and animals: animals and plants in unusual and abstract styles bring harmony and tranquility to a child’s room.
  • Vivid abstraction: abstract works of art capture children’s attention. Saturated colors and unusual shapes arouse interest and questions from the kids. You will never be bored in such a room.

Advice: You can choose a painting that corresponds to the season or holiday. For example, paintings with winter or summer themes bring joy and create a special atmosphere.

Ideas for business interiors

A business interior not only serves a working purpose, but also visually reflects the values and character of the company. It is not just a combination of furniture and walls, but office and organizational art tailored to fit the lifestyle.

Paintings make an office, cafe or hotel a cozier and more pleasant place for people. They create the right mood in the room – from calmness to dynamism. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of paintings in the office or other commercial spaces.

3.1. Cafe

Taste, atmosphere, art – these are the main components of a good cafe. A cafe is an oasis for those who want not only to satisfy their hunger, but also to satiate their souls.

So, what kind of paintings do you need in a cafe?

  • Collages: Create unique collages by combining different elements and textures. This way you will give your interior an original and memorable highlight.
  • Urban stories: Modern buildings, streets and people in an urban atmosphere are a great subject for catering paintings.
  • Portraits of Art Nouveau icons: Choose reproductions of prominent artists and designers of this style, such as Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky and Georges Braque. Add cultural depth to your cafe.

3.2. Restaurant

The restaurant is another exquisite space. A meeting place for cooking and art. This is where you hang:

  • Gastronomic creativity: A restaurant that values culinary delights can use artwork dedicated to food and cooking.
  • Culinary portraits: If your restaurant specializes in a particular cuisine, place portraits of famous chefs painted in Art Nouveau style.
  • Murals and wall paintings: wall murals create a unique style and mood for your restaurant.

Also, support local creators by exhibiting the work of artists from your area. 

3.3. Hotel

Travelers and visitors find shelter, sincere hospitality and exceptional service in hotels. Booking a room, we all dream of coziness and comfort. Agree, paintings are really pleasing in such rooms. Suitable reproduction paintings for the hotel:

  • «The Night Star» by Vincent van Gogh: The famous work will fit perfectly into the interior of any hotel, adding a touch of romance and inspiration.
  • «The Girl with the Pearl Earring» by Jean-Michel Basel: this graceful painting will emphasize the elegance and style of your hotel, giving it charm and subtlety.
  • «Abstraction on the theme of life» by Wassily Kandinsky: Kandinsky’s abstract art will perfectly reflect the dynamism and modernity of the room.
  • «Illusion» by Salvador Dali: The aura of mystery is suitable for a hotel looking for its uniqueness and corporate identity.

3.4. Office

And, finally, the place where the voices of ideas and business negotiations are heard, where innovations are born and corporate culture is formed. Paintings are not only aesthetics, but also the general mood of the entire business space.

Motivate employees with modernist plots:

  • Minimalism: The clean lines and understated colors in the paintings add modernity and structure to the office interior.
  • Interior painting: A painting painted specifically for an office interior can fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the workplace.
  • Musical motifs: A painting depicting musical instruments or sheet music adds a creative vibe to the office interior.
  • The plot of the city: depicting iconic landmarks of the city creates a certain character of the office and pays tribute to the city.

If you are unsure about choosing a painting, consult an interior designer or art historian. He or she will help you choose a painting to suit your wishes and needs.

Art Nouveau paintings can be bright, abstract, with unexpected combinations of colors and shapes. They often affect our emotions and evoke unusual associations, and their interpretation is left to the discretion of each viewer.

These works can transform even the dullest room into a place full of life. Become the focal point of an interior.

With paintings, you not only create a beautiful and interesting space, but also give it uniqueness and meaning. It is an art that inspires, evokes feelings and allows you to be closer to modern trends and creativity.

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Art Nouveau is characterized by the desire for pioneering, innovation and the expression of the artist’s own individuality. This is manifested in bright colors, bold compositions and abstract forms. Many modernists moved towards abstraction, abandoning the realism of the image. 

In this style you will notice experiments with lighting and color, unusual effects that break the norms in the use of color palette. The presence of symbols and allegories to express your ideas and emotions.

You will understand the soul of modernism if you study the works of famous modernist artists such as Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch and others.

Art Nouveau often used curved, organic shapes as well as geometric patterns and lines, creating contrast and harmony between the two.

The style itself was rich in patterns and decorative elements: motifs of plants, waves, lines and prints. Introduced new materials: glass, metal and iron, which allowed designers to create innovative forms and structures. 

And, of course, Art Nouveau borrows elements from many cultures, including art from Asia, Africa and ancient styles. This gives it versatility and diversity.

Art Nouveau painting is characterized by experiments with form, color and composition, abstraction and symbolism. It seeks to express individuality and emotion, rejecting traditional norms and styles. Art Nouveau artists often used new materials and techniques such as water-based paints, collages and montages. 

  • Pastel colors: pale pink, mint, peach, light blue and other delicate shades. These colors give the works tenderness and femininity. 
  • Pastel Transitions: Art Nouveau often applies smooth transitions between colors, creating an atmosphere of softness and harmony.
  • Symbolic Colors: For example, blue can be associated with dreams and fantasies, and green with nature and harmony.
  • Contrasting colors: In some Art Nouveau works you can see the contrasting use of color – red-blue or orange-blue. In this way, dynamic and bright compositions are created.
  • The use of gold and metallic shades: gold and metallic colors (bronze and copper) add luxury and sophistication to Art Nouveau pieces.
  • Experiments with color combinations: artists often experiment with unexpected and unconventional color combinations to achieve a certain mood in painting.

The main thing in Art Nouveau is expressiveness, so creators in this style freely interpret colors in their works.

  • Organic forms: paintings include curved lines, abstract shapes and streamlined contours reminiscent of natural elements such as leaves, waves and flowers.
  • Geometric patterns: Art Nouveau is also characterized by the use of geometric patterns: circles, ovals, triangles. These patterns can be incorporated into paintings or simply serve as a backdrop. 
  • Natural Elements: flowers, plants, animals or water motifs. 
  • Bright and contrasting colors: Art Nouveau often uses bright and contrasting colors: green, red, blue and yellow. These shades can influence our emotional impressions.

For the Art Nouveau style of painting, the main criterion of beauty is the artist’s bold and innovative endeavor to express his vision of the world. 

This style celebrates individuality, freedom of creativity and experimentation with form, color and composition. Beauty in Art Nouveau manifests itself in unexpected combinations, asymmetry and abstraction, creating an amazing impression that makes the viewer think and reconsider the world around them. 

Art Nouveau welcomes a departure from traditional norms and encourages the exploration of new realities, making it one of the most fascinating and penetrating movements in the history of art.

  • Individuality: author’s paintings are always unique. You can order a work of art that fully corresponds to your tastes, interests and needs, as well as supplement it with your own ideas.
  • Exclusivity: Such a painting is different from the mass-produced works of art available in stores and galleries. 
  • Personalized Approach: The artist who paints the picture can communicate with you, in a personal conversation he will better understand and take into account all your wishes. 
  • Custom Art: you can order a painting that will fit perfectly into the interior of your home or office, taking into account the size, color palette and style. 
  • Emotional value: An author’s painting often has a special meaning for its owners, because it is created according to a unique idea or based on some important event.

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  • 90% of my paintings decorate interiors in homes and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world.
  • 100+ of my clients have come to me through referrals from clients and acquaintances.