Flowers: oil paintings

Looking for a non-standard way to express your attention to a special person? You did the right thing by visiting the website of the artist Irina Kvasha.

Here you will find amazing oil paintings “flowers”, photos of which can be viewed in detail in the gallery of completed works and ordered online. Or you can choose the copy you like as a basis and order the creation of a picture according to an individual sketch.

красивые картины цветов
цветы маслом мастихином
Маки. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / Poppies. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
Белые пионы. Картина маслом. Холст 50x60 см
цветы маслом мастихином
Бузок. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / Lilac. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
картины цветы маслом
Тюльпани. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / Tulips. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife
картина цветы розы
Троянди. Полотно 40/50. Олія. Мастіхін / Roses. Canvas 40/50. Oil. Palette knife
картина маслом цветы крупные
Мак. Полотно 20/20. Олія. Мастіхін / Poppy. Canvas 20/20. Oil. Palette knife
маки маслом мастихином
Бджілка на маку. Полотно 20/30. Олія. Мастіхін / A bee on a poppy. Canvas 20/30. Oil. Palette knife

Oil paintings with large flowers are especially popular in interior design. They bring a sense of spring to any interior, give joy and freedom. Such paintings can revitalize any room, even the most modest. 

Flowers in Oil — the most neutral, but at the same time elegant subject for a painting. A painting with flowers will be a perfect addition to the interior: living room, hallway, bedroom, hostess’s office and even kitchen.

If the meaning of the canvas is important to you, focus on the generally accepted symbolism:

  • Mac is an imagination, a perpetual dream.
  • Rose – love (red), innocence (white), happiness and beauty (pink), desire (coral)
  • Chrysanthemum – truth (white), red (love).
  • Lotus is purity.
  • Orchid – diligence (in China a symbol of fertility).
  • Calla lilies – respect.
  • Sunflower – pure thoughts.
  • Dahlia – sophistication, dignity.
  • Bells – gratitude.
  • Lilacs are first love (purple), innocence (white).
  • Lily of the valley – reliability.
  • Irish bells are good luck.
  • The daisy is modesty.
  • Unforgettable is true love.
  • Acacia is a secret love.
  • Tulip – declaration of love (red), admiration for a smile (yellow).

It is not necessary to order an oil painting based on these values. If you like orchids, let them please your eyes without any associations. But you must agree: it is always more interesting when a painting has something «to say».

Floral motifs in oil paintings fit harmoniously into almost any interior. A laconic image of a large blossoming flower will decorate a bedroom, living room or kitchen in a modern style. Charming simplicity oil paintings of «wildflowers» (cornflowers, daisies) will fit wonderfully under the interior in a rustic style a la Provence. 

Following the practice of feng shui, for a comfortable rest in the bedroom should be selected oil paintings of «flowers» in light colors. Unlike rooms saturated with bright and warm shades, where oil paintings of flowers «poppies» will be in «their place».

If you go to the gallery on the site, it is quite possible that you will be interested in not one, but a whole collection of oil paintings «flowers». In this case, you can profitably buy oil paintings (flowers, bouquets of flowers) of the same style in several copies and hang them in the living room. For the decoration of dining rooms traditionally suitable oil paintings – still life with flowers.

Colorful paintings with floral compositions are an ideal gift for a woman on her birthday, March 8, Valentine’s Day or just in honor of a long-awaited meeting. But paintings depicting irises or peonies, which are considered masculine flowers, are suitable as a presentation to a man. In addition, I advise you to pay attention to paintings of floral themes to those parents who want to bring a sense of freshness to the children’s space. 

Canvases with flowers can be made in a variety of variations. It can be one large flower (oil painting of modular type), effectively standing out on a black background. Or flowers gathered in a bouquet – elegant oil paintings «flowers in a vase» (tulips, roses) are also popular among customers.

On my site you can buy oil paintings of flowers on canvas by famous artists in the form of talented hand-painted copies. And also order oil painting of «flowers», in which your own fantasies will be realized.

A luxurious oil painting – close-up flowers or a field dotted with flowers – choose the most interesting variant for you from the gallery or offer your own ideas. To place an order, send us a completed form with the parameters of the painting (plus a photo of your sketch, if you order the creation of a masterpiece on the original layout). Additionally specify the need for delivery within Ukraine. A gift bouquet of flowers will wilt, but a painting given to yourself or your loved ones – never! Remember this – and order masterfully executed oil paintings «flowers» on the website of artist Irina Kvasha.