10 styles of oil paintings

Author’s paintings to order can be made in a variety of styles. From all the variety, I have selected ten of the most famous and popular styles in which you can paint a picture to order oil:

Abstractionism. The popular style emerged in the early 20th century. in Europe and eventually gained the greatest popularity in the United States. A feature of abstract art is the emphasis on color and form, and not on the realism of the image. Therefore, instead of straight lines and angles, the paintings show blurred outlines of objects.

Romanticism. This direction in painting was finally formed in Europe by the end of the 18th century. The romantic style is characterized by the fact that it idealizes the past, therefore mythological and ethnic themes often dominate in such oil paintings, and the canvases themselves reflect a lyrical vision of the world. The expressiveness of the works is achieved through the play of light and color.

Expressionism. This artistic style originated in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. In their paintings, through exaggeration, distortion or primitivism, expressionists convey subjective emotions and human reactions to events around. The desired effect is achieved by using expressive strokes and bright colors.

Impressionism. The direction originated in France in the late XIX – early XX centuries. in order to convey the transience of every moment in life. Oil paintings in the style of impressionism are dedicated to everyday life and the everyday problems that accompany it, the fluidity of time. To convey plots, paints of intense colors and bright shades are used, which are applied to the canvas in short strokes. Therefore, the created image resembles a mosaic of multi-colored strokes.

Rococo. The sophisticated style was developed in the 18th century in France. Rococo painting is characterized by the use of pastel colors, the predominance of smooth lines and curls. The paintings do not carry any negativity; eroticism can be traced on most of the canvases. In general, images in the Rococo style embody beauty and carelessness.

Surrealism. Fashionable style originates in France in the 1920s, and over time gains popularity in other European countries. The idea of ​​surrealism is to create new images, which is preceded by the release of the creative forces of the subconscious. The basis of surrealistic paintings is made up of fantasy plots in which reality borders on fiction, and the bright features are accuracy, brightness, expressiveness of lines and images. Of the features of the style, it is worth noting the symbolism of the images.

Art Deco. This art direction was formed in the 20s. twentieth century in France. Art Deco images are characterized by bright and intense shades, geometrically clear lines, ornaments and animal prints. One of the main features of such paintings is symmetry.

Pop Art. The birthplace of this popular movement in painting, founded in the middle of the twentieth century, is Great Britain. As a rule, pop art images are made in bright colors, many of them using collage technique. Paintings in this style often depict portraits of celebrities, as well as objects and emblems popular thanks to modern advertising. Decorated in addition with inscriptions and slogans, pop art oil paintings resemble advertising posters. The attention-grabbing works are ideal for decorating modern interiors.

Minimalism. For this style, which originated in New York in the 1960s. , characterized by simplicity of form and an objective approach. The forerunners of minimalism are such trends as pop art and constructivism. Oil paintings in a minimalist style can be recognized by the asymmetry of images, the repetition of geometric shapes, simplicity and the presence of free space. The creation of works is usually carried out on the basis of a maximum of three shades, and the most common colors are black, gray, red, yellow, blue, green.

Symbolism. This direction of fine art appeared in Europe at the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries. The main idea of ​​symbolism is to convey various phenomena or feelings through metaphorical images and allegories. Among the most popular themes of paintings by the symbolists are religion, love, sin. Mystical and philosophical subjects impress with their depth and expressiveness.

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