Custom portrait in oil on canvas

Кам'янець-Подільська фортеця. Холст 30х45 см. Картина олією. Мастихин.

Do you want to surprise someone close to you with a unique surprise? But are you faced with the difficulty of choosing a gift for a colleague or partner who already has everything?

Do you dream that your gift will bring joy and fill you with warmth for many years to come? Do you want to surround your home with special moments, add uniqueness and comfort to the interior?

In each of these cases, a custom oil portrait will be the ideal solution.

Order an oil portrait and you will receive the best gift for colleagues, loved ones or yourself.

A gift handcrafted by an experienced artist will be a truly noble gesture, especially for those who seem to already have everything.

Portrait of a man in oil on canvas

Oil painting, a rich tradition that stretches through centuries, has taken on a new dimension in the creation of a man’s portrait on canvas. This art not only captures the appearance, but also embodies the soul, forcing us to peer into the depths of the human essence.

A male portrait made in oil at the Kia.Gallery studio becomes a guide to the world of inner experiences and individuality.

It is as if he opens the door to a room full of mysteries and secrets, inviting you to discover the personality inherent in every facial feature. The look, the smallest shadows on the skin, the reflection of light in the eyes – each element creates harmony and fascinates with the depth of fine art.

But no less important is the choice of theme for a male portrait. This is not just a process of copying appearance, but also an analysis of the character, lifestyle, and mental state of your loved one. I will be able to express the most subtle nuances of a man’s essence – strength, sophistication, spiritual depth.

In the process of creating a portrait with oil paints on canvas, I adhere to the traditions of the classical school of painting, but I always welcome experiments.

I will need a photograph of the person whose portrait you want to order. The photo should clearly show the main details of the face: the structure of the eyes, nose, lips and other nuances of appearance.

Свято-Успенська Святогірська лавра Украина. Холст 40х60 см. Масло. Мастихин
Яхт Клуб. Полотно 40х60 см. Олія. Мастихін / Yacht Club. Canvas 40x60 cm. Oil. Palette knife
Запорізька Січ. Хортиця. Полотно 60х40 см. Олія. Мастихін / Zaporizhia Sich. Khortytsia. Canvas 60x40 cm. Oil. Palette knife
Попугаи Ара. Картина маслом. Холст
Горы. Картина маслом. Холст

Portrait of a woman in oil on canvas

Imagine the moment when an artist, inspired by the life and inner strength of a woman, takes a brush in his hand and begins to create a portrait of a woman in oil on canvas…

Where do I start with female portraits? From the palette. After all, color is the magic that transforms a flat canvas into a three-dimensional colorful scene.

A female portrait in oil provides the artist with unlimited possibilities in choosing a color palette. From delicate pastel shades to deep, rich tones, each color becomes music that expresses the mood and character of the woman being portrayed.

A portrait of a woman is not just a reproduction of appearance, but also a fascinating immersion into the world of emotions. The artist, as a researcher of the soul, tries to convey the emotional depth that makes every woman unique. Be it the tenderness of a look, a mysterious smile or sadness of the eyes.

It is important to paint not a portrait, but a real meeting with a woman, shrouded in mysticism and mystery, leaving indescribable impressions and memories in the soul.


Family portrait in oil on canvas

A family portrait created with oil paints turns into a unique chronicler of family moments that have become important parts of our existence.

When the artist’s skill and the unique energy of family relationships meet, a work of art is born that can look into the eyes of each family member and tell his or her own story.

Like a treasure kept in a family archive, this portrait will be passed down from generation to generation, preserving your family’s history and values. A portrait will always warm your soul and give you confidence that regardless of time and distance, family is always nearby.

Oil paints, due to their richness and depth, are able to convey not only physical similarity, but also spiritual closeness between people.

The artist, embodying moments of family life on canvas, acts as a translator of feelings, uses a language that speaks of love, support and mutual understanding.

A family portrait in oil on canvas is an investment in memory, a map of time that flies past us so quickly. It captures moments of joy, sadness, laughter and love, making them immortal.

Маяк. Море. Картина маслом. Холст.
Чайка над морем. Полотно 20х40 см. Олія. Мастихін / Seagull over the sea. Canvas 20x40 cm. Oil. Palette knife

Children's portrait in oil on canvas

When starting to create a child’s portrait, I always face a fascinating choice – which childhood moment should I capture? Maybe this is the first step, full of delight and amazement? Or a moment of play when children’s eyes sparkle with a rainbow of emotions?

I am sure any of these points is important to every parent. You will want to keep them and carry them throughout your life. Bright oil paints can convey fun and joy, while delicate shades will create an atmosphere of innocence and a tender moment of childhood.

The main element of a child’s portrait is the eyes. These little windows into the soul tell a whole story. I capture in the painting a look that reflects your child’s dreams.

I pay special attention to the details of a child’s portrait. Maybe it’s a noticeable facial expression, luscious locks, or even a small accessory that brings back memories of a specific moment.

цветы маслом мастихином
Розовые пионы. Картина маслом. Холст 60x40 см
картина цветы розы

Classic oil portrait

The mystery of the look, the tenderness of the strokes, the art of capturing a moment of eternity – all this is the mysterious world of the classic oil portrait.

When one talks about a classic oil portrait, one’s mind instantly conjures up the masterpieces of the great artists of the Renaissance and Portraiture.

These works not only convey the physical similarity of their models, but also convey their inner world. A look hidden by a smile or sadness in the eyes – each element of the image carries its own deep meaning. That’s why working with a classic portrait is a real pleasure.

One of the most significant examples of a classical portrait is “La Gioconda” by Leonardo da Vinci. The mysterious smile of this woman seems to pose a riddle to which there is no clear answer. It is in this mystery that the greatest art of portraiture lies – to provide an opportunity to look into the very depths of the soul.

It is worth noting that a classic oil portrait not only captivates with its beauty, but also serves as a kind of bridge between eras.

These works of art preserve the spirit of the times, being a kind of chronicle of emotions and images. They are not subject to time, but, on the contrary, soar above it, leaving their mark in the vast expanses of history and culture.

Тиха українська ніч. Триптих. Полотно 50х60 см. Олія. Мастихін / A quiet Ukrainian night. Triptych. Canvas 50x60 cm. Oil painting. Palette knife
Тиха українська ніч. Триптих. Полотно 40х60 см. Олія. Мастихін / A quiet Ukrainian night. Triptych. Canvas 40x60 cm. Oil painting. Palette knife
Тиха українська ніч. Триптих. Полотно 50х60 см. Олія. Мастихін / A quiet Ukrainian night. Triptych. Canvas 50x60 cm. Oil painting. Palette knife

Art portrait in oil

One of the features of an art portrait is the ability to capture not only the external appearance, but also moments of spiritual ups and downs. This is not just a picture on the wall – it is a meeting with a living image of a person.

Unlike mass technologies, an oil art portrait is a unique creation.

Here the artist puts into his work not only technique and skill, but also a piece of his soul. This is individual creativity that has no analogues, which makes it special and unique.

With the help of an art portrait, you can highlight the unique features and individuality of each person.

Portrait in palette knife style

The palette knife creates amazing portraits in which every drop of paint, every brush stroke becomes an integral part of the author’s perception of the world.

This is an art that represents a variety of emotions and moods through soft transitions and playful shades. The main feature of the palette knife style is the use of brushstroke and dot painting techniques to create unique texture and depth on the canvas.

Paintings made in this style captivate the eye with their abstract beauty, making you think about how each element interacts with the other, creating harmony and dynamics.

The great thing about a palette knife is its versatility. This is an art using both bright, contrasting colors and work in pastel, delicate shades.

The palette knife opens up enormous opportunities for self-expression and creativity. There are no clear boundaries, no strict rules, only freedom of imagination.

I work with a palette knife because I find inspiration in it. Real magic that can transform the ordinary into something magnificent and unique – your future portrait.

Order an oil portrait from the artist

Ordering an oil portrait on canvas is, first of all, an exciting journey into the world of art and your own emotions. An investment in eternity, because oil painting, like no other art, preserves the beauty and history of the moment.

An oil portrait is a special and unique gift that can evoke deep emotions in the recipient. Such paintings can decorate any room, without restrictions on interior style.

You can order a portrait from any city in Ukraine!



Advantages of ordering author's portraits

Custom portrait made to measure

You can choose any size of the painting, from the smallest, for example 40x60 cm, to the largest, about 2 meters. The only thing you should understand is that the larger the canvas, the more expensive the cost.

Portrait based on original sketch

You can order a portrait from a personal photograph, it can also be a collage of different scenes, or you can simply share your idea with me and I will implement it.

Oil portrait in different styles and genres of painting

I work in any genre of modern painting: classic portrait, art portrait, palette knife style portrait, etc. In styles I prefer romanticism, realism, impressionism.

Portraits for interior decoration

You may like a painting, but not match the style of the interior, and vice versa, it may fit elegantly into the interior, but the owner does not like it. I help solve this issue with two advantages - I like the picture and it fits into the interior.


The choice between an oil portrait and a canvas print depends on your desires, goals, and even just preferences.

Paintings created with oil paints are unique and individual. The artist can add many details and subtle nuances according to your personal requests. Oil paintings are more durable and resistant to time.

Printing, on the contrary, is more widespread and affordable. But it will not be unique.

Ultimately, choosing between an oil portrait and a canvas print depends on your budget and what aesthetics and value you value in a piece of art.

An artist, when starting to create a custom oil portrait, begins his creative process with a careful study of the model to be painted.

He strives to capture not only physical traits, but also character traits and emotional connotations.

The artist then transfers his impressions onto the canvas, using careful strokes and color accents to capture the uniqueness of the face and personality.

While working on a portrait, the artist gradually adds depth to the image, adding details and emphasizing features.

The stage of completing a portrait includes fine drawing of details, creating harmony between colors and shapes, giving the work exclusivity and originality, reflecting not only the appearance, but also the inner world of the person depicted.

My paintings are available for order at an individual price, which is determined by the size of the canvas, the cost of the materials used and the delivery time.

You can purchase works with delivery throughout Ukraine through the Novaya Poshta courier service or pick them up yourself in Dnepr.

The cost of the frame is not included in the total price of the piece. To find out the price for a painting of the required size, fill out a special form on our website.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone +38 098 770 10 22, and I will be happy to tell you everything in personal communication.

The price is determined by the size of the canvas, the cost of the materials used and the completion time.

To find out the cost of a painting of the required size, please fill out a special form on our website. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone +38 098 770 10 22.

I draw paintings to order quite quickly. The execution time depends on the complexity of the sketch and the size of the canvas. For simple small paintings from 5 to 10 days. For complex large cases, the time frame can reach up to a month.

I write different stories and create works of art that inspire and make you a little happier.

90% of my paintings decorate interiors in homes and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world. 100+ of my clients came to me based on recommendations from friends and other customers.

Contact me personally to order a painting. Phone: + 38 098 770 10 22

I look forward to our fruitful and inspired cooperation!