Sea: Oil Paintings

Thinking about a gift on the occasion of a significant event in the life of relatives, friends or colleagues? Or maybe you like to look at the beautiful sea (dawn)? Oil painting will arouse genuine interest and real delight among guests at any holiday. And for you, the oil painting «sea, palm trees» will remind you of the pleasant time spent on vacation in reality. 

Маяк. Море. Картина маслом. Холст.
Маяк на морі. Холст 30х40 см. Олія. Мастихін / Lighthouse at sea. Canvas 30x40 cm. Oil. Palette knife
Гапчинская. Море. Холст 50x40 см. Масло.
Гапчинська. Море. Полотно 50x40 см Олія / Gapchinskaya. Sea. Canvas 50x40 cm Oil

I create both original oil paintings (landscapes, sea) and copies of works. A birthday, anniversary or wedding is a great occasion to congratulate your loved ones in an extraordinary way by presenting a deal with a marine theme. Modern oil paintings «ships at sea» become a memorable present for a man. Romantic oil paintings «girl on the seashore» will appeal to women. 

And if you select oil paintings «sea» according to the signs of the Zodiac, then this is an ideal gift for representatives of the elements of Water – Crayfish, Scorpions, Pisces.

In feng shui, the sea symbolizes limitless possibilities and development. It is believed that oil paintings «mountains, sea» correctly hung around the house or office contribute to the career growth of the owner with their energy. however, feng shui experts do not advise hanging pictures with water landscapes behind your back in your office and at the head of the bed in the bedroom.

A win-win option for placing a picture with a marine theme is the wall at the front door.

  • Large selection of finished works in the catalog.
  • Creation of oil paintings on canvas on a marine theme of any complexity.
  • Making adjustments to the painting at any stage of painting before varnishing and sending.

The image of the sea in the picture may be different. And when choosing the plot of the «sea» oil painting, photos of which are collected in the gallery, you should consider the purpose for which you are purchasing it. If to calm and appease the future owner, then it should be a calm, endless sea, seagulls (an oil painting with such a character is appropriate in the bedroom). If your task is to energize the owner of the painting, «revive» the stagnant energy of space, then it is better to opt for the oil painting «sea, waves» with the sky hanging over it in thick colors. 

When ordering an oil painting «sea and coast», it is important to take into account the features of the interior in which it will be placed. In order for the work to successfully fit into a particular room, it must be combined in color and style with the design.

Interested in a painting with a marine theme to order or a finished painting «sea» (oil)? You can order the service step by step directly on the website or by phone. In the case of an online order, indicate the name of the copy you like from the gallery or send a layout of your version of the picture. Also, tell us the parameters that suit you (the size of the canvas, the shape of the painting, the color palette, the need for delivery, etc.), on which, taking into account the timing of the work, the cost of the oil painting «sea» depends. 

Touch the beauty or share it with those who are dear. To do this, it is convenient to purchase oil paintings «sea» to order by Irina Kvasha.