Winter: oil paintings

Is your interior missing a small but significant detail in the form of an oil painting on canvas «winter, landscapes»? 

Or maybe you are looking for an extraordinary gift for your family, friends or colleagues for a birthday or New Year? I will help you resolve this issue as soon as possible. The painted oil painting «nature in winter» in my performance will successfully complement the owner’s classic or modern interior.


Representatives of such signs of the Zodiac as Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces are united by one period of birth – winter. Oil paintings with snow-white landscapes will especially appeal to people born in winter. 

According to the rules of Feng Shui, paintings depicting a particular season are recommended to be placed in a certain part of the living or working space. In particular, oil paintings «nature in winter» of one light palette of shades are best hung on the wall on the north side of the building. It is believed that with this placement option, the picture favorably affects the energy climate in the room. At the same time, oil paintings «winter, sunset» with bright orange colors should not be hung in the northern part, as this will lead to the opposite effect.

Light and calm oil paintings «winter in the forest» are definitely suitable for bedrooms, including children’s rooms, where they create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Beautiful winter (oil paintings), made in an exclusively white palette of shades, looks more advantageous on dark-colored walls. If you have walls with white wallpaper, then the oil painting «rowan in winter» can stand out against their background: scarlet berries will become a bright color spot that draws attention to the canvas. The oil painting «winter, bullfinches» will help to achieve the same effect. Another way to achieve contrast is to choose a dark wood frame for a canvas with a light image.

  • Creating pictures with a winter theme in a few weeks.
  • Discounts for orders of several paintings and for regular customers.
  • Delivery of paintings by courier service.

To make a purchase of the finished work «winter» oil painting, the photo of which you liked when viewing the gallery, just fill out a special form on the site, pay for the order and receive it with delivery or by pickup from the gallery. In the event that you want to make changes to the copy chosen for the sample, let me know the desired parameters and details (color, size, shape, etc.). 

And if your goal is to become the owner of a winter-themed masterpiece according to your personal wishes or present it as a gift, send me a photo of the «winter» oil painting as a prototype and clarify the related details.

To create in your room the feeling of a winter fairy tale or to give a wonderful mood to your loved ones, order oil painting – landscapes of the painting «winter» in my performance.