Painting trends: fashionable paintings for the interior and for a gift

Decor is important in any interior. It adds emotion, creates mood, reflects character. One of the most popular wall decorations are paintings. Fashionable and beautiful canvases bring zest to the interior, enliven it, create a harmonious atmosphere. 

Pictures are works of art, which in turn is a form of artistic understanding of what is happening around. That is, it reflects the world around. So, along with a change in worldview, behavior in society, the development of technology, there is also a transformation in painting. Ways of self-expression, tastes and trends are changing. The approach of artists to creating masterpieces is also changing. What was relevant decades ago fades into the background, skipping forward new trends, styles, fashion trends.

Art Trends 2024

One of the oldest ways of expressing thoughts and feelings is painting. Paintings have always been valued by collectors and aristocrats, as well as by ordinary people who could afford them. 

In art, each canvas represents a particular perception of reality by its author. Artists use color, light, form and space to express feelings, convey sensations, philosophy and values. Therefore, modern paintings complement the interior, form a special atmosphere, emphasize individuality. 

Fashionable paintings for the interior

In 2024, abstraction, minimalism and eco style will be on the wave of popularity. But other trends are being added, including interest in ethnic and patriotic motifs, botanical illustrations, etc.

Botanical painting

The direction became popular in the 17th century. Previously, it was believed that only women could create botanical illustrations, since fine materials, such as petals and stems of plants, needed a light hand and soft strokes.  

Such paintings depict plants, greenery, flowers, berries, trees. A general composition or plots with detailed drawing is allowed. 

The expressiveness of highlights, clear lines, soft transitions of shades without sharp borders, the absence of black, which creates haze, harmony – this is what distinguishes botanical illustrations.

Fashionable are canvases with fresh plants with a drawing of veins and villi, fruits with drops of water and other stories on the theme of flora that look natural.

Such paintings for a gift are suitable not only for landscape designers or gardeners, but also for all people who love nature. The canvases can be hung in the kitchen, as well as in the bedroom or living room, if you choose a plot in soft colors with a predominance of soft green and light green shades. This will add freshness and harmony to the interior.

Epoxy paintings

Resin Art is a painting technique using epoxy resin. The substance helps to create three-dimensional shapes and a smooth glossy surface. The plots here will be blurry, and the contours will be smooth.

Such pictures look unusual. They are beautiful, durable, eye-catching, give the interior harmony. With patterns similar to sea waves or air masses, the canvas looks natural and reflects calmness.

Marine scenes using white, turquoise and blue hues, abstractions with mother-of-pearl or gold inserts, imitations of precious stones and glass chips, images of coastal rocks, space-themed drawings with the addition of dark shades and glitter are popular. 

Epoxy resin paintings are suitable for any style and can be used in different rooms in the house, as well as in the office, restaurant, hotel.

Ethnic motifs

In 2024, paintings in the national style will be popular. Ethnic motifs reflect identity, create a special atmosphere and help emphasize individuality.

Anything can be used. The main thing is that the ornament or plot should be understandable and interesting, convey a message and evoke certain associations.

Fashion ideas:

  •  African stories – yellow, orange, brown, sand shades prevail here. Such paintings will fit well into the appropriate color scheme of the environment.
  •  АAsian motifs – everything on the theme of Japanese, Chinese or Korean culture (for example, sakura, a Buddhist temple, etc.). Suitable for rooms in the style of minimalism, they create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.
  •  Egyptian style – the paintings reflect a thousand-year history and have a special charm. You can use images of pharaohs, Egyptian deities, deserts. They look good in laconic interiors with wooden furniture and matte surfaces.
  •  Oriental motives – here can be attributed both plots of Arabic or Turkish culture, as well as Japanese or Chinese. Such canvases attract with their exoticism, depth and mystery. They immerse into another mysterious world and carry certain meanings. Therefore, they are suitable for lovers of the East, as well as for design in an oriental style.
  •  Exotic flora and fauna – a special kind of paintings that nature lovers will appreciate, but who are fed up with standard still lifes and familiar plants. To emphasize the peculiarity of the interior and make a bright accent, you can use interesting stories with exotic animals or plants.

When choosing a painting, one should take into account not only the tastes of the person for whom it is intended, but also the features of the interior. The canvas should not give the impression of a museum and excessive pomposity. Therefore, in this genre it is better to give preference to laconic bright stories that will add color.

Patriotic motives

Patriotic symbols become mega popular in any country during international sports competitions, prestigious ceremonies and the Olympic Games. But the Ukrainian traditional patterns and colors of the national flag have become a way of self-expression and identification against the backdrop of the heroic struggle of the people for freedom and independence. Moreover, not only Ukrainians at home and abroad use patriotic motives, but also foreigners who support Ukraine.

For this reason, patriotic paintings are in the trends of 2024. Can be used in painting:

  •  plots in yellow and blue tones;
  •  images of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military equipment (for example, the famous Russian warship that goes under water);
  •  pixel girls, warrior girls, volunteers, doctors;
  •  cossacks;
  •  Ukrainian landscapes (cities and nature);
  •  embroidery;
  •  Petrikovskaya painting;
  •  stylized state symbols;
  •  heroic cities that hold the line or have been liberated.

History and modernity can be combined here, non-standard forms, stylization, national symbols and, in general, heroic images can be used.

The main message of the paintings with patriotic motives is the support of people and fighting spirit, the mood for victory, belonging to the brave Ukrainian people. 

Paintings with texture paste

Texture paste allows you to create three-dimensional paintings that look spectacular in the interior. This material is a thick acrylic composition. With the help of strokes of different shades or the same color, an unusual texture is created on the canvas. You can also add custom special effects (scratches, fingerprints or rough fabrics, credit card marks, etc.) to enhance the message. 

Relief painting is popular in contemporary art. The compositions are gentle, sensual and harmonious, so they will be a good gift for fans of beauty and aesthetics. 

A textured painting helps to create an air of lightness and is suitable for spacious rooms, such as a living room or bedroom.

Abstraction with gold and silver elements

Abstractions with gold or silver leaf are now in trend. But the combination of gold and silver on one canvas looks especially interesting. Such a composition looks elegant and noble.

Potal is a decorative material that imitates precious metals and resembles foil, with which beautiful overflows are created. Paintings with gold and silver elements are part of modern painting, but the gilding technique itself is ancient. It has long been used in icon painting, and then from the world of religion, it moved into the world of art.

Gold is a sign of wealth, so paintings with gold leaf give the interior a noble and luxurious look. They are chosen for leaders, officials and people who love modern abstract art. 

Abstractions with gold and silver elements are best suited for the living room. But the picture should fit into the decor and be combined with other decor, so as not to get lost against its background. At the same time, the more abstractionism is presented in the interior, the larger composition with gold leaf can be hung on the wall.


This style has been in the trends of painting for several years now. Its distinctive features are clarity, conciseness, simplicity, space, but without emptiness, banality or lifelessness. The emphasis is on the main idea of the author, that is, attention is drawn to the main one, without being scattered on the secondary.

Pictures in a minimalist style will decorate a laconic modern interior. You can choose abstraction, geometric shapes, minimalist landscape or still life.

Palette knife painting

This is a new and interesting painting technique that involves the original application of paints using a special spatula. Initially, this tool was used to mix paints or remove them from the canvas. Now it is used to create strokes. Moreover, the paints are applied to the canvas directly from the tube, without mixing. 

The main features of palette knife painting are broad strokes, texture, rich pure colors, contrast, expressiveness.

Paintings painted with a palette knife look impressive. They resemble appliqués or puzzles because from a distance they look like stickers or shreds placed on a canvas. Such canvases create a special mood, convey feelings, experiences, emotions and dynamics.

In this technique, you can write a still life, portrait or landscape. But nature looks more impressive, namely mountains, sky, rocks, sea waves. The picture is lively, emotional.  

Palette knife painting is best suited to the loft style in the interior, where volume and a certain rudeness prevail. But in a gentle environment, decorated in pastel colors, on the contrary, it will be lost.

Environmental friendliness

Now the trends are a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection, which could not but affect the painting.

Many seek to bring into their home at least a piece of the living. Such people value environmental friendliness, so even natural paintings are chosen.

Eco painting is a new fashion trend that involves the creation of unique canvases. It can be:

  •  moss compositions – unusual paintings that add freshness and make the atmosphere more comfortable;
  •  paintings on real wood – original panels that will become the highlight of the interior;
  •  landscapes in natural colors – can be performed in any technique, the main thing is to look natural.

Common shades are green, beige, brown, yellow, blue and white. 

The paintings are suitable for any style and can be placed in different rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and even bathrooms.

In painting, the main tool for expressing thoughts and feelings is color. With the help of different shades, the author influences the audience, focuses on important details and enhances emotions. Among the trendy shades will be white, silver, beige, olive, ocher, terracotta, curry, pink. 

And if you look at the styles, the most popular in 2024 will be geometric, Scandinavian and Provence. They reflect lightness, tranquility and peace, and the latter also reflects sensuality, elegance. In such styles, you can make trendy abstractions, landscapes, paintings with animals, botanical illustrations, etc.

Modern paintings will not only decorate the interior, but also bring a special mood, help in creating a bright accent or a harmonious environment. Various trends in painting allow you to move away from banal plots and get original compositions that you can choose for your home/office for any interior style or as a gift for art lovers.

I work in the author’s and traditional techniques, with fashionable styles and in various subjects. I draw paintings to order and offer ready-made compositions, photos of which can be viewed in the gallery on the site. To get advice and place an order, call or write in instant messengers. 


For many years people have been decorating walls with paintings, most often landscapes, portraits, animals, still lifes in the classical style. Now classic canvases are not relevant. In fashion – abstractions, eco-style, exotic, naturalness. It can also be a landscape, still life or botanical illustration, but done as naturally as possible. 

In general, fashionable paintings in the interior are those that correspond not only to the spirit of the times and are made using modern techniques, but also harmoniously fit into the environment.

Naturalness, environmental friendliness and abstractionism are in fashion now. And if you answer the question of what is popular to draw in 2024, then this: 

    • realistic landscapes – regardless of the subject, the picture should convey the right atmosphere;
    • abstractions – one of the best-selling, because they look aesthetically pleasing in any interior, diluting the color scheme, but not drawing attention to themselves;
    • pets and wild animals – naturalness and unique style are important here in order to convey deep meanings, and not just create images;
    • flower figures – combination of human figures with flowers to create concise and inspiring compositions based on the rethinking of the human body and nature;
    • space – fascinating stories that help create an interesting accent in the design of the room;
    • sea ​​and ocean – convey mood, inspire peace or, on the contrary, encourage action, reflect energy and passion.

These and other fashionable paintings can be ordered by phone, in instant messengers or on the website. Choose the story you like in the gallery or order a unique composition to reflect the individuality of the person for whom it is intended.

The paintings differ in genre, technique and subject matter. Among the popular genres are landscape, portrait, still life, animalistic (animals), battle (military themes), and among the current oil painting techniques are glazing (a thin layer of paint with a translucent effect), strokes, mixed techniques, adding gilding and silver. 

As for the plots, the most popular now are nature, animals, flowers, girls, military.

Interior design is greatly influenced by modern trends and lifestyles, in particular globalization, climate change, environmental awareness. Fashionable now is a harmonious comfortable space, combined with new realities. Therefore, eclecticism is relevant, which implies a mixture of several styles, for example, hi-tech with classics, minimalism with Provence or historical style. 

Particular attention should be paid to shapes, shades and proportions. You can’t go wrong with their choice, otherwise you will get chaos, not balance. At the same time, both the creation of contrasts and harmonious calm interiors are allowed.

Interior design in 2024 is focused on sustainability, so natural materials such as glass, marble, wood, gold, leather will be in fashion. This trend is also reflected in painting. Paintings with realistic landscapes, botanical illustrations, compositions imitating real plants, abstractions with gold and silver splashes will become relevant. 

Another trend is naturalness. It is recommended to choose paintings with realistic scenes and in natural shades (honey, sand, amber, brown, blue, green, gray-green, white).

There is no particular picture that must be in every home. This is a matter of taste, nuances of room design, style. You should choose a canvas, starting from the interior and your preferences.

At the same time, many are fond of the teachings of Feng Shui and strive to choose a composition that will bring good luck, happiness, wealth.

Which paintings are most often bought:

  • flowers – believed to ward off negative energy;
  • birds – but only in freedom, and not in a cage, they are usually placed in living rooms and work areas;
  • mountains and rocks – symbol of constancy;
  • mountains with water – energy reflection;
  • sea ​​scenes – for an atmosphere of appeasement or reflection of a stormy character;
  • trees – health and welfare;
  • portraits or images of successful people – for example, a climber who conquered the summit, or a surfer who tamed a wave;
  • fruits, fields with crops, flowering meadows – abundance in the pictures attracts prosperity to the house;
  • paired items (two cups, two swans, etc.) – for those who dream of love and family well-being.

In general, it is recommended to decorate the walls with those paintings that evoke pleasant emotions. It is this canvas that will be the best for you.

When choosing a painting for home or as a gift, there are a few things to consider. Among the main ones: 

  1. Interior style. It is not necessary to know all the styles and understand their intricacies. But you should understand whether your interior is modern or conservative. The first group includes loft, hi-tech, minimalism, and the second – classic and country. The picture, like any decor item, should fit into the environment, and not stand out from it. For modern, abstractions, urban landscape, compositions with potal, with an emphasis on environmental friendliness, are suitable, and for classic it is better to choose a landscape, still life or portrait.
  2. Color. It is important to determine the main shade in the interior, secondary and accent. Most often, the main color is the tone of the walls and ceiling, shades of furniture act as additional ones, and the color of a decorative element can be an accent color. For example, the main color is light gray, the secondary color is red-brown, and the accent color is gold. The picture can emphasize the main shade or become a connecting element, combining additional and contrasting tones. That is, you should choose a composition in a color scheme that will either calm the interior or add brightness / audacity. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that only warm or only cold shades can be combined.
  3. Size. The width of the picture should be at least ¾ of the length of the object over which it will hang. And it should occupy no more than half of the wall space. It is better to place it at eye level.
  4. Room type. In large rooms it is not recommended to hang small canvases, and in small rooms – large ones. The purpose of the room where the picture will hang should also be taken into account. For example, in the kitchen it is better to place images of flowers, fruits, birds, landscapes or abstractions – everything that evokes pleasant emotions and awakens appetite, calm plots are suitable for the bedroom, in general, any, except for portraits, botanical illustrations, geometric shapes will look good in the hallway and abstraction, and in the hall it is allowed to place everything fashionable, catchy and bright, except for still lifes.

In the gallery you will find fashionable paintings for any interior. And if you want to get a unique canvas to reflect the character, artistic style or create a special atmosphere in the house, choose work to order. To discuss the details and place an order, call or write in messengers.

The living room is the face of any home, because it is here that relatives and friends most often gather, parties are held. Pictures help to decorate the space, softening it, enlivening it or making it brighter. 

Since living rooms are usually large rooms, the paintings here perform not only a decorative function, but also help in zoning. Therefore, you can place not one, but several canvases at once, and in different subjects. But in this case, all paintings should be united by a common idea, for example, style or technique.

Portraits, landscapes, abstractions, canvases with ethnic or patriotic motifs, epoxy paintings, botanical or texture painting, etc. will look great in this room. The only genre that does not fit here is still life.

As for the color scheme, any one will do, as long as it harmoniously fits into the environment and does not look ridiculous. Moreover, the picture does not have to be made in the same shades as the walls or furniture. It can be contrasting, bright, saturated tones. The main thing is to convey the right message and emotions.

To buy a fashionable painting for the living room, call by phone or write a message in messengers.