Oil paintings in loft style

Loft paintings are an amazing combination of elegance, industrial austerity and artistic harmony. This unique genre of art came to us from the world of interior design and, like treasures from abandoned warehouses, brought with it an inexpressible atmosphere of mystery and mystery.

Loft embodies the spirit of the metropolis. The main features of this style are the roughness and transparency of materials, bold play with space and, of course, the unparalleled characteristic «factory» decor.

Today, the loft is not just a design style, it is a monument of history that has gone through many changes and still inspires the creation of unique spaces. And, of course, it has found its application in painting.

Loft was born out of the work of famous artists: Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol. If you like the works of these artists, you will like the loft.

The subjects of such paintings often include abandoned buildings, old factory mechanisms or abstract compositions using rough textures and unexpected color combinations.

However, despite their crudeness, loft style paintings epitomize the idea of beauty in a simple and laconic way. They evoke in the viewer a sense of peace and admiration for the immediacy and authenticity of their execution.

Features of paintings in loft style

1.1. Palette

The palette in this style is an amazing fusion of modern and industrial, warmth and cold, boldness and restraint. It attracts with its unique aesthetics, revealing to us the richness of shades and the depth of artistic thought.

Everything starts with pastel colors – they create the atmosphere of loft style. Soft gray-beige, deep blue-gray and delicate shades of brown take us to the world of old factory rooms and warehouses full of stories and mysteries.

In this palette, both cold and warmth find a place. Cold shades form the basis of the loft painting style, reminding us of a certain dampness and incompleteness.  

However, the most interesting thing about this palette is in the combinations of colors that, at first glance, seem to be completely out of harmony. «Unsuitable» colors create unique and inimitable effects, making observers think and admire the artist’s creative approach.

1.2. Texture

Oil paints on canvas give loft paintings a special depth, as if they come to life under the touch of light. The style is characterized by a dense overlay of colors, which makes a unique play of light and shadow. Here each drop of paint reflects on its role and finds its place in the chorus of colors.

The technique of applying paint to canvas is also fascinating. For example, using spatulas, sponges and other non-standard tools, painters create unique textural effects – they will definitely surprise you. 

Loft style art masterfully combines contradictions – rigidity and tenderness, chaos and order. This is why people with creative and unconventional thinking are drawn to the loft.

1.3. Styles

The art of oil on canvas gives this style a special charm. Deep, saturated colors, born under the brush of masters of painting, allow you to create incredible contrasts, and the inspiration here is the very structure of loft space. 

Against the background of brick walls and metal structures, the oil emphasizes the softness and warmth of human images and nature. The contrast between the harsh surroundings and the pictorial harmony is striking, and here we are already thinking about the eternal themes of the human soul…

Each painting is a note of nostalgia for the past and a longing for the future. This art constantly poses the question: «What is hidden behind the rough walls and metal beams?». It also teaches that beauty can be found even in the most unexpected places – in a vast world full of technological change and innovation.

1.4. Topics

You will come across a wide variety of loft painting ideas. They can represent industrial landscapes with giant metal structures and brick walls or abstract subjects inspired by modern technology and ideas.

From geometric motifs to realism, this style allows artists to show all their creativity, creating true masterpieces of art. 

Here the raw atmosphere of old factories and plants is harmoniously combined with the nobility and grandeur of canvas and oil. And this contradiction gives these works a peculiar magnetism.

1.5. Size and shape

The shapes of loft-style oil paintings celebrate the raw, unpolished nature of the materials. The curved, slightly jagged edges of the canvas make it look as if it has just come out of an urban workshop. While the sharp angles carved out of iron beams give the works a distinctive industrial feel.

The canvases can be huge: polished by time and the hustle and bustle of the city, they take up an entire wall. These giants of artistic expression are designed to draw you into their world and take you on a fascinating journey through the avenues of the metropolis.

But small paintings will only be appreciated by those who are willing to stop and scrutinize them – every detail, every moment and feeling. But regardless of size, absolutely all loft paintings are a loud statement and an accent in any home or room.

1.6. Materials

One of the key elements of this style — unpolished surfaces. Oil painters often use rough canvases, wood paneling or old materials to emphasize natural textures. These oiled surfaces produce deep, rich colors and rich effects.

The painters work with a palette inspired by the urban landscape or industrial elements. They try to capture the atmosphere of old factories, warehouses and manufactories. These paintings often have warm, muted hues, which give them their unique character and depth.

But what makes loft style oil paintings really stunning is the use of different techniques and methods. Artists can apply oil in such a way as to specifically get the effect of aging, corrosion, mirrored window glass, metallic texture or even large drops of paint. All of these give a sense of life and movement.

Everyone will find something different in loft style. Creative freedom, self-expression, free interpretation – that’s why we love modern painting.

1.7. Placement method

You need to think about how to create a harmonious combination between the painting and the surrounding space. Where and how to hang a loft painting?

  • Brick wall: If you have a brick-lined wall, a painting will fit in perfectly with this raw and industrial backdrop. You can use stylistically similar frames or go without them altogether for a bolder look.
  • Metal frame: Loft goes well with metal frames, especially if there are details such as bolts, rivets and rust. 
  • Hanging on ropes or chains: Give the impression that the painting hangs on pendants like a work of art in a workshop. You will give your interior an additional industrial style accent.
  • In a glass window or door: How can I use a glass window or door? Place a painting behind the glass for an interesting, slightly sloppy effect.
  • Unbalanced arrangement: Don’t be afraid to experiment with the positioning of the painting. Hang it not in the center of the wall, but slightly to the side or even in a corner. Unconventional solutions give the living space a zest – the house becomes more lively.

Match the furniture and accessories to the painting and place them side by side. You will create a unified artistic ensemble, and the painting will become the center of attention.

Ideas for different rooms

Choosing a loft style for your home is a way to show your refined taste and respect for art. These works have a unique ability to inspire and visually change the space around them. Your apartment will become cozier – it will acquire a muted and even a little mysterious character.

Which loft paintings to hang in every room of your apartment or house? Take on the beautiful and creative ideas.

2.1. Entrance hall

  • Cityscape: Nothing captures the spirit of the city better than a painting with a scene of streets, skyscrapers and cars. A loft style cityscape will bring a slice of the metropolis into your home with a sense of travel and adventure.
  • Factory windows and arches: Paintings depicting factory windows or arches give the hallway the effect of open space and light. In such a room you will feel more free.
  • Street art and graffiti: If you want to give your hallway a more vibrant and lively character, paintings with street art and graffiti elements are perfect for you. They will add boldness and chaos to the organized structure of the house.
  • Industrial parts: Who says vintage factory lamps, steel beams or rusty parts are boring? Even building materials can be used unconventionally in painting.

Advice: If you have several variants of paintings in mind, place each one in turn on the wall and see if it fits in with the overall interior. Do not hesitate to experiment.

2.2. Kitchen

  • Gastronomic abstractions: paintings inspired by the shapes and bright colors of products will enliven even the most mundane kitchen space. The rich colors and graphic shapes add dynamism and energy.
  • Vintage recipes: images of vintage cookbooks, recipes and old kitchen details add a touch of romance and nostalgia to the kitchen. They will remind you of the long hours spent cooking – perfect for all cooking enthusiasts.
  • Farm motifs: tranquil countryside and the diversity of nature – breathe freshness and naturalness into your kitchen. 
  • You can also use pictures of coffee beans, cups, saucers, etc. You will emphasize the atmosphere of coziness and home warmth in the kitchen.

Advice: the most popular place to place a picture in the kitchen – above the table, work surface or simply on a free wall.

2.3. Bathroom

  • Mirror illusions: mirror or metal paintings create the illusion of additional space, can make the bathroom visually more spacious and bright.
  • Industrial motifs with water: Old factories, ports or bridges can be combined with water effects – you will create an interesting contrast between raw industrialism and naturalness.
  • Nature and Animals: Forests, oceans, animals in black and white give a sense of tranquility – just what you need in a shower room.

Advice: Symbolism works well in the bathroom. For example, seascapes envelop us in a sense of calm, while bright abstract paintings make us feel more energetic. How do you want your bath to greet you: with all the vigor of the morning or pleasant relaxation?

2.4. Living room

  • Urban sketches: Order oil paintings with a sketch of your city. These sketches can depict iconic buildings, streets, or even abstract interpretations of city life. In oil painting, the city takes on even more life.
  • Portraits and abstractions: Hang portraits of family members, because the purpose of the living room is to bring loved ones together for a warm, homely conversation. 
  • Gallery collections: Put together a collection of oil paintings that share a common theme. It can be a series of works by the same artist or different painters that complement each other’s style.
  • Texture compositions: Even in the living room you can originally play the texture of metal, wood or concrete – loft style is just very fond of such subjects in its genre.
  • Portraits of citizens: Ask the artist to paint portraits of ordinary townspeople, capturing on canvas their character and the whole atmosphere of city life.

Advice: Consider the style of your living room. The painting should harmonize with the rest of the interior, whether it is modern, classic or minimalist. 

2.5. Bedroom

  • Landscape with factory chimneys: A night view of the cityscape with brightly lit chimneys will create an atmosphere of romance.
  • Old bridge or overpass: will remind you of the industrial past. Industrial charm in the bedroom – a new trend in painting.
  • Abstract color backgrounds: Juicy, colorful, abstract backgrounds make the bedroom warmer – such a room will definitely become a favorite in the house.
  • The night sky over the city: stars over the metropolis – an idea for the most relaxing bedroom environment. It makes you dream…

Advice: Avoid too bright colors and shades in paintings for the bedroom. Saturated colors increase mood, but interfere with rest, and that is what we want from the most homey and cozy room.

2.6. Workroom

  • Cafe or bar scene: picture with the interior of a cafe or bar in loft style, with exposed brick walls, light lamps and furniture in the style of industrial aesthetics – an interesting solution even for the workplace.
  • Landscape with railroad: may the railroad tracks leading to distant horizons inspire you to new achievements in your work.
  • Portrait of a modern hero: emphasize the ideals and achievements of modern society through a portrait of an important person. Why not hang a portrait of someone you admire?
  • Geometric abstractionism: Play with geometric shapes and abstract patterns. Geometry is always fascinating and helps you concentrate.

Advice: Buy oil paintings done on canvas. They are usually more durable and keep the brightness of colors longer. And also pay attention to the frame – it should match the interior and not distract from the subject of the painting.

2.7. Children’s

  • City in the clouds: A cityscape with tall skyscrapers, but with a soft and dreamy look as if it were floating in the clouds – kids love the feeling of lightness and freedom.
  • Train adventures: Imagine a picture of a steam locomotive moving along the tracks, with a large window that shows magical scenery.
  • Mysterious forest: a forest with mysterious trees and fairy tale creatures.
  • Space odyssey: a spaceship flying through the starry sky.
  • Underwater Kingdom: Paintings of sea creatures and Atlantic landscapes will capture a child’s imagination.
  • E.T.s and aliens: aliens and spaceships will appeal to little science fiction fans. 

Advice: Many people like children’s illustrations in oil or watercolor. Such a painting will add lightness and playfulness to the room.

Oil painting in loft style can be proud of its rich palette of colors and textures. Without paintings, any space becomes boring, gray, as if deprived of its personality. If you do not know how to visually enrich the interior of your home – buy an oil painting to order in my gallery. I will help to transform empty walls into something interesting and unusual.

Ideas for business interiors

Paintings influence the visitors of cafes and restaurants – this fact is proven by psychologists. Paintings motivate employees to work in an inspired way. Raise the status and image of your establishment. And simply, paintings are still a popular type of décor.

Cheerful and colorful in a cafe, calm and inspiring in an office, luxurious and elegant in a hotel – it’s all about oil paintings. Pay attention to the art around you – it can tell you many interesting stories.

What kind of loft paintings will we hang in the business space?

3.1. Cafe

  • Thematic series: A series of paintings devoted to different aspects of life in the city will look great in a cafe. For example, the series «Traveling through the Streets» will take visitors to the avenues of their native city.
  • Urban nature: Combine elements of the city with the harmony of nature by depicting city parks, cafes overlooking squares or street plants. Look for a balance between the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and the tranquility of nature.
  • Retro art: Recreate the atmosphere of an old factory or workshop – that’s the whole philosophy of loft style.
  • Composition with the facade of the building: Take a risk and place a picture of your own cafe. Transmit the «tasty» mood of your place to new guests right from the doorstep.

3.2. Restaurant

  • Graffiti art: Let an artist create modern graffiti art on canvas, let it reflect your menu, restaurant philosophy or just add a bit of street style to the interior.
  • Parisian atmosphere: Get inspired by Parisian style and scenes of cozy street restaurants in Paris, with café chairs and scenic views of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Interpretation of local buildings: Ask an artist to paint an interpretation of local buildings and architecture to decorate the restaurant with local flavor.
  • Modern and retro: Mix modern elements with retro style, bring a touch of cozy nostalgia.
  • Invite the creator to be inspired by your cuisine and create a «taste painting»: the artist will transfer to the canvas all his emotions and sensations from the dishes he tasted in your restaurant. 

3.3. Hotel

  • Bridges: Industrial bridges and metal structures are a source of inspiration for loft paintings. This style will give the interior of the hotel a unique character.
  • Light and shadows: focus on the play of light and shadows in a cityscape. Depict a moment of sunset or a night view of the city with the play of lights and shadows.
  • Urban History: What is your city proud of? Share inspiring stories in pictures with your hotel guests: historical events from the life of the city or architectural landmarks. 

3.4. Office

  • The noise of city life: paintings with everyday scenes of street life: images of cafes, bicyclists, passers-by or even skaters blend perfectly with the corporate, working atmosphere of the office. Remember, in this style we combine the incongruous?
  • Modern symbols: smartphones, laptops or cyberpunk elements in an abstract or realistic style emphasize company values – especially suitable for IT companies.
  • Employee portraits: Order portraits of your employees in an informal loft style. This approach will be appreciated in small companies with a friendly, almost family atmosphere.

The loft style often combines abstract and modern elements, it simultaneously reflects understated minimalism and geometric shapes. A loft painting is a valuable gift and purchase for those who love modern art movements.

5 reasons to buy a painting as a gift

  1. Oil paintings are created with love. Each such painting is unique and carries the character of both the artist and the future owner of the painting.
  2. The paintings lift the spirits, bring back memories and inspire reflection. 
  3. Art has always been a good investment. Loft style oil paintings can multiply their value in a few years.
  4. Painting will decorate any interior. If you can’t afford the repair now, you can always order a painting and bring back the novelty and charm to your home.
  5. And finally, a painting is a gift with a soul. It is a symbol of your care for the person. Let it remind of you every day.

Buying a loft painting = investing in art, in the harmony of your home, in your own soul. Loft is inspired by the history of old factories and warehouses, as if uniting the past and the future.

Paintings evoke a range of emotions and encourage reflection, turning your home into a place where every image and brushstroke tells a story. The loft is also popular with collectors and art connoisseurs – over time, your painting may increase in value.

But the main value of this style is in the juiciness, uniqueness, art and inspiration that loft gives. Let every stroke on the canvas delight you with its beauty and deep meanings that can be found in the most unexpected corners of the art world. 

Let’s decorate the interior of your home together – order paintings in my gallery. I paint different subjects: flowers, still lifes, create works of art that inspire and make you a little happier. 

  • 90% of my paintings decorate interiors in homes and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world. 
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I look forward to our fruitful and inspired collaboration!

The term «loft» comes to us from the world of interior design. It is associated with large open spaces, industrial elements (such as metal beams and pipes) and minimalist design. This interior style is popular in modern design. 

Open floor plans, high ceilings, rough materials – you’ll find it all in loft style.

The name «loft» comes from the history of using industrial spaces as living and creative spaces. 

At the beginning of the 20th century in large U.S. cities (such as New York City), many factory and warehouse buildings became obsolete, and industrial plants moved to more modern facilities outside the city. Huge industrial buildings found themselves vacant.

Young artists and entrepreneurs began renting or buying abandoned industrial spaces and converting them into residential studios and creative ateliers.

This way of living and working was very appealing to artists and creative people. The style quickly became popular and acquired its name – «loft», which means attic or attic (from English).

Over time, the loft style has spread to interior design and painting, retaining elements of industrial charm: chimneys, brick walls and metal structures.

Loft style in painting is always about raw materials and urban motifs in artwork, reflecting the spirit of this era.

Loft inspires bold and unconventional solutions. It is a style that encourages artists and designers to experiment and express individuality. 

Here you can find elements of different styles, from industrial to vintage – a kind of original mix. Loft style painting is wonderfully integrated into the space itself. Graffiti, abstract canvases or multi-layered art installations are all characteristic of the loft.

Loft style in painting is often distinguished from other styles by its relaxed and avant-garde atmosphere. Bold and unusual color combinations win the hearts of connoisseurs of modern creativity. 

  • Shabby shades of gray: Coarse gray, cement, steel gray and other similar shades give loft style work an industrial and raw character.
  • Deep industrial black: Black adds contrast and drama by emphasizing textures and shapes.
  • Warm brown shades: From light brown to dark chocolate, these colors bring naturalness and warmth to the painting.
  • Oxidized copper: Copper and rust shades will give a metallic glow and a touch of vintage.
  • Bold accents: Loft style painting can play with bright and unexpected accents – red, blue or green colors.
  • Decide on which wall you want to place the paintings. It can be the central wall in the room, the wall above the sofa or the fireplace, or you can even distribute the paintings throughout the space.
  • Did you know that 150 cm from the floor is the average level at which paintings are most often hung? But this is not a rule. You can experiment with the height, especially if the painting is viewed sitting or standing.
  • If you have a whole group of paintings, leave a distance of 5-10 cm between them.
  • Select paintings so that their colors and styles match each other.
  • Instead of regular nails or hooks, use special picture mounts.

And yet, there are no strict limits to expressing yourself through paintings. Hang paintings as it suits you. Focus on your personal style and preferences. 

And if you have difficulties, you can always ask for help from an interior designer – a professional will tell you how to organize your home and work space for the picture.

  • Cityscapes: images of cityscapes, especially night views with lights and neon illumination, will help to convey an urban atmosphere.
  • Abstraction: Abstraction adds modernity to a loft interior. 
  • Photo-realism: Oil paintings with a high level of detail and realism create an interesting contrast to the rough industrial base of the loft. 
  • Graphics and black and white paintings: Black and white paintings with bright accents – a stylish addition to the rest of the decor elements.
  • Mix of styles: mixed techniques and textures add a touch of unconventionality to the interior. The variety of shapes and colors blends harmoniously with the industrial background.

Author’s paintings are unique works created with your preferences, interests and needs in mind. You have the opportunity to order a painting that fully corresponds to your taste. You can supplement it with your ideas – as an artist, I am always open to your suggestions. 

Exclusive painting, unlike paintings in galleries and stores, is created especially for you – there will not be another one like it. It will fit perfectly into the interior of your home or office. You can independently determine the size, color palette and style of the painting – every detail will be the fruit of your and my inspiration.

You can order a painting for yourself or your loved ones. A painting is a wonderful gift for those we love.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of art presented in my gallery. Here each painting becomes a unique work of art.

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I also draw: Ukraine, still life, sea, nature, mountains, winter, cityscapes in loft style and not only. I welcome personal ideas and wishes of my customers.

  • 90% of my paintings decorate interiors in homes and offices in Ukraine and 10% in the world.
  •  100+ of my clients have come to me through referrals from clients and acquaintances.